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Having a category for second EMMI would be part of the Bounty Hunter Challenge, it was one of the stars. My only thing about that is, how many stars of BHC would be allowed? I feel like some are too close to other stars or too simple, the first EMMI for example. BHC 5 (for Dairon) is already kinda short at this point. I don't know if anything shorter is such a good idea.

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I just want some memetastic categories like 100% Map (Borders) and 100% Map Colored In (call it "Color%"?), Bounty Hunter Challenge (enter Dairon the first time, might be a good race goal too), things like that.

Samus Returns was also released in the "age of updates", but they decided to not patch anything in it. We might get a patch that fixes things like that weird softlock with the final boss, but that'll be it I think.

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So it seems two amiibos do things in this game. I have neither so I can't test them.

At least the Smash Bowser amiibo (so not Mario Party Bowser or Wedding Bowser?) causes Fury Bowser to appear immediately. This is probably going to be useful for runs, though it depends on "normal" Fury Bowser timing.

The Bowser Jr. amiibo causes Bowser Jr. to send out a shockwave that destroys stuff. Combined with having player 2 play as Jr., this could be useful?

For what it's worth, both of these amiibos are being reprinted for the release of SM3DW+BF. Apparently the Jr. amiibo was difficult to find, so this is good.

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3D World Switch is definitely not the same game as 3D World Wii U. There have been a number of hard changes to mechanics (faster characters) and level design (to account for mechanics), and I believe I heard there was a new glitch?

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You can have a second player control Bowser Jr., so maybe there should be separate categories for that. I don't know what all Jr. is allowed to do, and I doubt he can grab Shines or press switches or stuff like that, but I'm sure there's lots of little optimizations that a second player could help you with.

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I feel that this needs to be reexamined. The hardline stance in that thread may not be necessary anymore. The video only covers ePSXe, an emulator that's about as trustworthy as Project64. The uploader suggests that Mednafen is also inaccurate, but again it's not covered in the video, and so the description of emulator inaccuracy seems to be focused on the ePSXe testing. Additionally, this verdict was delivered about two years ago; Mednafen is not an inactive emulator by any definition, and something very likely has changed since then. ePSXe, meanwhile, has not seen an update in years, and I am told some of the newer updates are questionable anyway. I haven't even mentioned XEBRA, a possible rival to Mednafen. For what it's worth, all the PS1 accuracy tests I've found are for older versions of basically any specified emulator.

Really, people should be more concerned about different official releases or platforms that behave differently, not just emulators. Yes, they're official, but chances are that Mednafen behaves closer to an actual PS1 than a PS2 does, and that's obviously important. Different PS2s also run certain games differently, never mind the various other possible platforms... don't even get me started on that wretched Mini.

All this being said, this applies to the PS1 GTs only. Later platforms are much harder to argue for. PCSX2 is very good relatively speaking. I doubt it can be called "accurate", though it is very active (just got a major stable update) and I don't know if there's been any extensive lag/load testing been done for anything lately. GT3 and 4 also require somewhat decent PCs, especially 4. On the other hand, it's pretty much the only PS2 option, so it'd be simple enough to put it in its own little box.

Basically the same situation goes for the PSP and PPSSPP, except it does not require nearly as good of a PC to run anything. As for PS3, RPCS3 is highly experimental at the moment and I don't think it's worth talking about just yet. This is not to slight the RPCS3 devs whatsoever, it's just too early. More specifically, only HD Concept is listed as "Playable" on the site.

I don't mean to be pushy, but in the realm of PS1, we have an excellent option in Mednafen and arguably XEBRA (but good luck convincing anyone to put up with its lack of creature comforts), and these should be strongly considered... and maybe even cherished. N64 doesn't have it nearly as good as PS1 right now.

(what happened to n1nj4ofshr3d really sucks and he deserves better)

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thread: Sonic CD
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It probably wouldn't hurt to have an All Time Stones category, for consistency with other games. Even Sonic 1 and the MS/GG games have categories for this, and Chaos Emeralds basically do nothing in those games too.

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Bit of a bump, but it is a sticky. Two things:

  1. My only complaint about input viewers is that Gamepad Viewer (the only real input viewer) is a browser program and can't be downloaded. Browser programs always give me trouble, even something as simple as a window for Twitch chat. Seems I'm not the only one there though.

  2. IGT versus RT (not "RTA"). The problem here isn't using real time so much as the developers not putting in milliseconds in a game where you're supposed to go fast. I still don't understand why CD did this but 3 did not. For individual levels, real time should clearly be used. Having a list of 0:24 ties on GHZ1 is a pretty bad state. Ideally, you'd use real time for a full game run too, and just cut out the score keeping parts (this is the bit people will likely debate on). Autosplitters make this significantly easier, too!

Yes, there are idiots who say "real time is always better!" without really understanding what that means. Those people should be ignored, but better solutions to the very real problems that in game time can cause should be researched. Seriously, Sonic Team really screwed up by not putting milliseconds in 1, 2, and 3.

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Ah, I was afraid of that. Thanks for the replies!

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I mean, what happens if you complete Inferno but still have part damage? Does that damage just stick around forever for that save?

Additionally, how exactly do you get part damage? Is it just from dying, or does regular damage also cause part damage? I've never really seen part damage from regular damage...

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So damage only happens the first time you complete a race, right? What happens after you complete every race and still have damage? I noticed that Single Race still looks at damage, at least until you've completed everything (I haven't completed everything yet).

It's frustrating that there's no unlock codes for this game.

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There are three versions dumped, but most people only reference two physical versions. Those would be 1.0, the original release, and 1.2, the The Best/PSone Books release which has the Sprite song, the Wing Smash chaining, Richter's flame whip, etc. 1.1 is mysterious and I know nothing about it, except for the following.

The program dates suggest that 1.1 was completed a month after 1.0 (both in early 1997), 1.2 was completed all the way in early 1998, and the Saturn version was completed some months after that. 1.1 could be some kind of second batch... it might be possible that copies of 1.0 people have are in fact 1.1?

I was hoping to find the "new" 1.2 release, but if 1.1 is a simple bugfixed version of the "old" release, I wouldn't mind that. The 1.2 changes are pretty substantial, I can't imagine 1.1 did too much.

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Thanks, missed that guide. Only problem with Xebra is I'm not sure there's a way to get a nice pixel aspect. Thanks for fighting the good fight of internal assets versus crappy CRT stretching, everything's distorted when you try to play the game "normally"...

Yeah, the SSF input delay thing is really complicated. It seems to be very specific on what settings you use, what your PC's like (i.e. your video hardware and settings), maybe even what game you're playing, etc.

I should probably just get a real copy honestly. SotN isn't too bad expensive right now, though we all know PS pricegouging is right around the corner. Might just look for the Japanese release, probably the best idea (and best version really). But then I gotta put up with the distortion.

thread: Speedrunning
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Wasn't expecting an actual topic.

Could use some commentary on Mednafen vs XEBRA.

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PlayStation: How well does XEBRA run the versions of SotN specifically?

Sega Saturn: Is SSF acceptable? Last I heard, yabause paled in comparison, and is only used in multi-emulators because it's open source.

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Both KDL1 and SMB1 had been running every time I tried the scripts. I tried both hard resets and rebooting the core numerous times. I even tried both the Gambatte and SameBoy cores... always the same result. I never got the first bit of your error about being unable to find WRAM, either.

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Thanks for responding! Yes, LiveSplit can see races, export things, etc.

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Thanks for the autosplitter, can't seem to get it to work though. LiveSplit is running and I'm attempting to open the script in BizHawk, but it just gives me the whole "failed to open LiveSplit named pipe" thing:

NLua.Exceptions.LuaScriptException: .\LiveSplitUtils.lua:16: Failed to open LiveSplit named pipe!Please make sure LiveSplit is running and reload the script.

For reference, I tried trysdyn's autosplitters and they gave me the same issue. Tried redownloading LiveSplit, BizHawk, the autosplitters, etc... Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

thread: The Site
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Twitch nonsense aside, YouTube itself LOVES to destroy videos like that. There used to be great guides on how to get a video as close as possible to what the YouTube machine wants, but I have no idea if any of those are even accurate when YouTube needlessly "overhauls" something at least once a month.

thread: The Site
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Archived records are pretty important, especially for games that change drastically over the years like OoT. There are already tools to get this data though, mentioned above.

If you wanted elaborate boards, you'd need to limit it to discovery of major tricks or extensive route changes. Beyond that lies insanity.

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