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Im sorry if theres a way to find this or a knowledge base on here somewhere, but I just wanted some info on what the most ideal emulator would be to run a psx game. If it matters im running Chrono Trigger (yes I own it) and plan on it being a looong run so I just want to make sure I'm running it on a satisfactory emulator. I kinda forget which ps1 emu Ive used most often, but figured someone here could let me know my best option. thanks!

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If you are using a computer, I suggest PCSX.

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I want to make sure the emu stays stable and playable and is accurate to how the game would run on consile. Does the emulator you suggested do That? Most importantly I need it to be legitimately accurate for speedrunning timing purposes


Assuming you mean Chrono Cross and not Chrono Trigger I would check here:

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Unfortunately I DO mean trigger. Any fans about bizhawk or medafen you can point me to? A cursory try at hawk got me nothing usable. Thanks

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VERRRY good info, but can you speak on the PSX emulator instead of the SNES one? Im doing the crappy version. Thanks though!


I don’t understand why you are dead set on running the PSX version of Chrono Trigger. It’s not separated on the LBs so it’s not like it has its own categories and the rules for the game even warn that the version is bad with slow loading.

Why do you want to intentionally handicap yourself and prevent yourself from being competitive with every other runner? You’re trying to emulate it anyway, so why not emulate a better version that everyone else runs on?

Regardless, Bizhawk has a PSX core so you can still use that. I don’t know how great or accurate it is, but Bizhawk will give you the closest you can get to decent emulation for the game. There’s guides on TASvideos

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Could use some commentary on Mednafen vs XEBRA.