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Souls Charity Marathon is back for its 7th year this December!

Souls Charity Marathon is a community speedrun event filled with Souls series speedruns, randomizers, and our special feature relay race. Come join this one-of-a-kind event in efforts to raise funds for Save the Children.

Official Ball 3D Speedrun Competition

In-game rewards to win in Soccer Online: Ball 3D speedruns.

Callisto Community Breaks The Longest Level - Lost

Let's dive into how Callisto speedrunners took a 30 minute level down to just 8 minutes.

Ghostrunner 2 $10k Challenge Highlights

We recently hosted a $10,000 Speedrun Challenge for Ghostrunner 2 lasting two weeks, let's dive into how the run progressed!

New Minute Barrier BROKEN in SM64 120 Star

Runner known as Karin achieved a 1:36:48 in SM64's 120 Star category. This was done with the help of the recently solved strat known as “Carpetless”

Ghostrunner 2 $10,000 Speedrun Challenge
Site news

Speedrun is excited to host our first challenge featuring Ghostrunner 2 Any% with $10,000 in prize money on the line. Do you have what it takes to save Dharma in record setting time?

The AGDQ 2024 Games List!

Speedrunning marathon event Games Done Quick just released the games list!

Indie Horror Speedruns Marathon 2023 Submissions Open Now

Organizers are hoping that this event is as fun as the first. The community has grown tremendously over the years and this marathon is a great way to get involved with a friendly and accessible community.

The Holy Grail of SM64 - Carpetless

A consistent setup for the Holy Grail Skip of SM64 was just discovered - lets dig in.

Wolfhowl's Game of The Week:

We dissect a medium sized speedrunning community from the bottom up, increasing excitement and injecting a new passion for a game otherwise unexplored.

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