3 years ago
Wisconsin, USA

With the recent information about the amiibo compatibility in bowser's fury I think their should be a spilt between amiibo and non-amiibo runs if they are going to be allowed in runs.

United Kingdom

Maybe. Probably depends how much they would affect the speedrun. If they don't affect it much other than make it a bit easier then they should probably be banned like in odyssey but I guess if they make it more interesting like botw then it could be a split

Wisconsin, USA

If you use bowsers amiibo in the bowser's fury gamemode it spawns fury bowser which would save a lot of time compared to waiting for bowser to get out of his shell normally. Cat mario's amiibo gives the invincible white cat mario.

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Wisconsin, USA

Not to mention that all of the amiibo are compatible with the game and they all do stuff, I'd say they change the game a lot.

United Kingdom

Maybe bowsers fury could allow specific amiibo like the bowser one in a split then. Just seems like the amiibo will probably just make things easier and less interesting since they could be used to correct mistakes.

United Kingdom

Any idea if there's a cooldown on them?

Wisconsin, USA

I haven't used a amiibo on other nintendo switch games so idk.

United Kingdom

Yeah I don't have any so I'm probably slightly biased towards banning them :P

Wisconsin, USA

I just wanted to bring it to the community's attention before the mods made the categories.

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Kentucky, USA

We were already aware of this. Most of the discussion is going on over at the Discord server.

The main 2 consensus are is that they will be put as a seperate category on the main board, and the other is an outright ban and only put in misc/category extensions

Personally I agree with the latter, because I wouldn't even take it as a serious category when you are allowed to be overpowered like that. We are talking invincibility cat suits, it isn't just a crutch, its basically free, the only major timeloss is just dying.

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United States

Having played invincible characters in Mario games: being invincible is overrated.

We are well aware of the existence of amiibos in the games and the likelihood they will alter gameplay to the point where if amiibos were just allowed in these games with no restrictions, they'd create a pay to win environment. The issue wouldn't be necessarily how much time they'd save. I've been examining SM3DW for places where the amiibos would save time, and it looks like it'd be less than two minutes between an optimized no amiibo and amiibo run in 380 Stars. It's probably less than thirty seconds in Any%. The issue would be how many fewer runs an amiibo player would lose because they could fix mistakes by spawning in new items out of their paid for collectible.

I'm spearheading the "Separate category" side of the debate rather than banning because I believe in exploring the ways Nintendo lets people break their games with amiibos... as long as we aren't put front and center to compete with no amiibo players because amiibo accessibility is not a level playing field. Especially if Nintendo gives this game the same cool down time for an amiibo as other games, which is once a calendar day per amiibo.

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So it seems two amiibos do things in this game. I have neither so I can't test them.

At least the Smash Bowser amiibo (so not Mario Party Bowser or Wedding Bowser?) causes Fury Bowser to appear immediately. This is probably going to be useful for runs, though it depends on "normal" Fury Bowser timing.

The Bowser Jr. amiibo causes Bowser Jr. to send out a shockwave that destroys stuff. Combined with having player 2 play as Jr., this could be useful?

For what it's worth, both of these amiibos are being reprinted for the release of SM3DW+BF. Apparently the Jr. amiibo was difficult to find, so this is good.

He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

Banning on main board and putting it as a joke category on Category Extensions is probably the best option, main reason being that you need very specific and several amiibo to run an optimal route, which increases the barrier to entry substantially, which is not a good thing for the main category or anything similar. Was talking about this with a streamer today and he argued about no amiibo for BotW before, which turned out to be completely rightfully so about 3 years in. While we all agreed that it is fun to play with how low you can get the time with amiibo, it is extremely harmful to put that on a main/competitive category because of this barrier to access (which BotW tried to solve later on with permitting 3rd party programmable NFC tags...).

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