Despatche5 years ago

It probably wouldn't hurt to have an All Time Stones category, for consistency with other games. Even Sonic 1 and the MS/GG games have categories for this, and Chaos Emeralds basically do nothing in those games too.

Despatche6 years ago

So damage only happens the first time you complete a race, right? What happens after you complete every race and still have damage? I noticed that Single Race still looks at damage, at least until you've completed everything (I haven't completed everything yet).

It's frustrating that there's no unlock codes for this game.

Despatche6 years ago

PlayStation: How well does XEBRA run the versions of SotN specifically?

Sega Saturn: Is SSF acceptable? Last I heard, yabause paled in comparison, and is only used in multi-emulators because it's open source.

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Zero should be merged as a part of this series.

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Dunno if this is supposed to be in Guides, but someone made some informative posts on SDA recently.

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Despatche7 years ago

This game could maybe use a warpless category. There was always a spot for it on the SDA KB, but noone's ever really given warpless for the AI games any thought.

I also found a hack that throws out the egg-based level order and makes you play all 80 levels. Note that taking a warp in this hack breaks the new level order code, don't do that. Seems like a pretty neat potential category?

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