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About is a site that provides leaderboards, resources, forums and more, for speedrunning.

Speedrunning is the act of playing a video game with the intent of completing it as fast as possible, for the purposes of entertainment and / or competition. You can read more about speedrunning on Wikipedia.

The site has currently amassed a database of 470,273 runs in 11,714 games by 116,818 users. We welcome all speedrunners to join us in helping grow this site, and speedrunning itself.

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  • ✓ Leaderboards
  • ✓ Individual level support
  • ✓ Community moderation of games
  • ✓ Game customisation options
  • ✓ Moderators can add more moderators to help them
  • ✓ Colour themes
  • ✓ ROM hack leaderboards
  • ✓ Forums
  • ✓ Marathons and schedules
  • ✓ Resources, including tools, saves and splits
  • ✓ Search bar for finding things fast
  • ✓ All of your runs get listed on your profile
  • ✓ Extensive, modern REST API


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  • 7,356 people
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