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About is a site that provides leaderboards, resources, forums and more, for speedrunning.

Speedrunning is the act of playing a video game with the intent of completing it as fast as possible, for the purposes of entertainment and / or competition. Read more.

The site is currently in beta phase, but already we have amassed a database of 427,245 runs in 11,109 games.
We welcome all speedrunners to join us in helping this site grow to become the one-stop shop for speedrunning leaderboards.

Original content provided on the site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. Content uploaded by users, such as game cover images, are copyright of their respective owners; the same applies to content that is linked to, like YouTube videos and external images or documents.

Apps whose core functionality is directly related to the site may use the domain name ( in their name, as long as it's not the sole name, and the app adheres to the license applicable to the content it uses. Either the app name or the description must explicitly state that the app is unofficial.

  • ✓ Leaderboards
  • ✓ Individual level support
  • ✓ Community moderation of games
  • ✓ Game customisation options
  • ✓ Moderators can add more moderators to help them
  • ✓ Colour themes
  • ✓ ROM hack leaderboards
  • ✓ Forums
  • ✓ Marathons and schedules
  • ✓ Resources, including tools, saves and splits
  • ✓ Search bar for finding things fast
  • ✓ All of your runs get listed on your profile
  • ✓ Extensive, modern REST API



Full moderators

Other credits
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