Latest runs

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb
Hong Kong: Chapters   5m 18s
Any% - Main Game, PC   8m 34s 640ms
WON - Scripted   36m 32s 259ms
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
No Major Glitches   4h 49m 07s
Rage Racer
The Extreme Oval: Special   2m 01s 834ms
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Arcade - Credit Skip   4m 58s
Wagyan Paradise
Any%   47m 05s
Donkey Kong Country
All Stages - SNES   38m 10s
Muppet RaceMania
Treasure Island: Standard - 3 Laps   1m 17s 300ms
Grappler Baki: Baki Saikyou Retsuden
Tournament Mode Any%   5m 48s
Capcom vs SNK Pro
Arcade Mode Easy%   9m 42s
Samurai Shodown II
Arcade - Level 1   21m 29s 000ms
Any% - 0.18   2h 59m 37s
The Last of Us Part II
Survivor Glitchless   4h 49m 00s
LEGO Batman: The Videogame
All Hostages - Solo   2h 04m 32s
ROBLOX: Speed Run 4
All Dimensions - All Levels   1h 35m 32s
The Division 2
Vanilla - Challenging   2h 18m 57s
Streets of Rage 4
Arcade - Cherry, Boss Rush   13m 01s
The Incredibles
Apartment Inferno: Any% - PS2/XBOX/PC   0m 31s
Crusader Kings II
Stamford Bridge - Normandy   5m 02s