Latest runs

Any% - NG+   19m 12s
Grand Theft Auto V
Classic%   6h 26m 15s
Mario Kart 7
Star Cup   9m 53s
Life Is Strange: Before The Storm
All Graffiti   5h 07m 42s
Red Faction
Any% Dash Easy   51m 57s 006ms
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)
Gryffindor Challenge: 100%   1m 46s 460ms
Pokémon Platinum
Any% Glitchless - ENG   4h 36m 39s
Pokémon Black/White
Any% - ENG   3h 37m 39s
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Karmageddon: Finish   0m 03s
All Chapters   2h 20m 56s 463ms
Power Plant: Race   3m 21s 310ms
1. Hedge Hopper - BB   0m 33s 590ms
Super Mario Maker 2
Story Mode   4h 47m 50s
Scrabble Blast!
Points - 500   2m 49s
Spark The Electric Jester 2
Floria Plant: Beat the Level   0m 40s 830ms
100% - N64   2h 37m 08s
European War 5
Spartan Warriors 1: Any%   1m 36s
Super Mario Galaxy
Any% - Mario   2h 32m 12s
Pokémon Crystal
Any% - ENG   5m 04s
Brain Testtrack 4: Challenge   7m 16s