Latest runs

Super Metroid
Any%   52m 09s 060ms
1080° Snowboarding
Deadly Fall: Time Attack   1m 07s 180ms
Dragon Cave: Time Attack   1m 24s 180ms
Super Mario World
11 Exit   11m 37s 500ms
AFL Evolution
Competition Mode   17m 03s
Muppet RaceMania
Race Leagues 3 Laps - Wrong Warp   1m 53s 100ms
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC/Console)
Prequel Trilogy RTA - Solo   1h 09m 20s
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Any% - Normal, DLC   4h 09m 57s
King's Field II
Any%   51m 30s
Luigi's Mansion
No OoB   1h 03m 38s
Garfield and His Nine Lives
Any%   12m 04s 069ms
Hitman: Blood Money
A New Life: Silent Assassin   0m 46s
Paper Mario
Glitchless - N64   3h 57m 23s
Glitchless - All   3h 57m 23s
Pokémon Red/Blue
Any% No Save Corruption - ENG   12m 46s
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Any%   2h 11m 23s
Out of Bounds   9m 54s 630ms
Glitchless   27m 17s 680ms
The Bright Pass : Out of Bounds - Easy   0m 46s
Bayonetta 2
New Game + - Rosa, Hard   1h 06m 50s