Latest runs

Kirby's Avalanche
Any% Hard   8m 36s
All Chapters - Glitch%   29m 38s
The Fairly OddParents! Enter the Cleft
World 1 Episodes: Any% - 1-3   1m 26s
Any% - PC, Legacy Patches   18m 04s
Thomas And Friends Hero Of The Rails (DS)
All Chapters   11m 01s
Minecraft (Classic)
Meme Categories - Break Dirt   0m 00s 001ms
Meme Categories - Break Dirt   0m 00s 001ms
Bendy And The Ink Machine
Chapter 1 - Current Version   5m 11s 180ms
Any% - 1.0   3h 54m 11s
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Any% - Hard   4h 34m 47s
Ultimate Racing 2D
New Zealand D. Oval: Formula Speedway   0m 32s 630ms
Poland D. Oval: Formula Speedway   0m 24s 920ms
Karlson (
Sky 0: Any%   0m 03s 730ms
Mangavania: Action Platformer
1: Spirits%   0m 24s
1: NoHit   0m 24s
Soul Knight
1-3: Solo   0m 16s 500ms
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Any% - PS5/Xbox Series, Beginner   4h 55m 13s
Sky: Children of the Light
Cave of Prophecies - Trial of Earth, 0.11.2+   6m 35s 800ms
Space Engineers
The First Jump   9m 27s
Spelunky 2
No Teleporter Any%   3m 52s 416ms