Latest runs

Crash Team Racing
Any% Warpless - Disc   1h 02m 56s
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Cake Fortress: NSMBU - Any%, Mario   0m 59s
New Super Mario Bros.
1-1: Any%   0m 31s
Grey-Box Testing
Any% - Inbounds   1m 11s 533ms
Dota 2
Solo Roshan Kill - Shadow Fiend   2m 21s 990ms
The Walking Dead: Season Two
EP4: Amid the Ruins: Complete level   1h 19m 24s
Fresh Adventures
ILs - Any% - Der finstere Dschungel   3m 08s
Poly Bridge 2
1-03 - Bridge of Steel: Regular - Any%   0m 10s 150ms
1-02 - A New Slope: Regular - Any%   0m 04s 520ms
1-06 - First Drawbridge: Regular - 100%   0m 11s 900ms
1-05 - Checkpoints: Regular - Any%   0m 10s 070ms
1-05 - Checkpoints: Regular - 100%   0m 10s 070ms
Streets of Rage 4
Arcade SoR2 - Hardest, Skate   58m 49s
Arcade SoR2 - Hard, Skate   54m 15s
Arcade SoR2 - Normal, Skate   54m 40s
Arcade SoR2 - Easy, Max   43m 24s
Final Fantasy IX
PSX - Any%   9h 26m 17s
Killing Floor 2
Nuked: SOLO - Hard, Long   13m 05s
Escape - any%, regular, compromise   1h 02m 22s 367ms
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
100% NMG   1h 13m 04s 000ms