Latest runs

any%   5m 33s
any%   5m 33s
any%   5m 33s
Luigi's Mansion 3
Any%   3h 00m 56s
Any%   3h 20m 29s
Any%   3h 24m 10s
The Painscreek Killings
All Keys   38m 59s
All Bosses - Normal, Random, 1 Player, 1.3.5 NMA   2h 59m 35s
World Cup 98
Goal%   0m 02s 783ms
Goal%   0m 02s 700ms
Mortyr IV: Operation Thunderstorm
The Hidden Path: Any%   0m 56s
Any% - Normal   2m 51s 520ms
Robot 64
Any%   6m 57s 150ms
Grand Theft Auto V
Trevor%   1h 01m 03s
Classic%   6h 20m 55s
Earth Defense Force 5
DLC Mission Pack 1   44m 18s
The Last of Us: Left Behind
Glitchless   30m 24s
Bully: Scholarship Edition
Any% No Credits Skip - PC   2h 31m 52s
Any%   45m 23s 876ms
The Outer Worlds
Any%   13m 18s