Latest runs

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Racing+ - R+7   47m 35s
Dead Rising 2
Prologue% - PC   1m 47s 900ms
Freedom Planet
Final Dreadnought 1: Milla - Any%   1m 47s 790ms
Skylanders Giants
Any% All Levels - Single Player   1h 41m 43s
Dicey Dungeons
Jester: Episode 3   11m 28s
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
Any% - Current Patch   49m 09s
Any% - NG+   18m 23s
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (PC)
Any%   16m 04s
Monolith: After The End - Null, Normal, 5F, Random   9m 15s
Congo Bongo
1 Loop   0m 42s 260ms
1 Loop   0m 44s 320ms
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Any%   27m 46s
Sonic Forces
Final Judgement: Normal   1m 07s 740ms
Scrabble Blast!
Points - 100   0m 30s
Enter the Gungeon
1 Character - Turbo Hell%   23m 40s
Metroid Fusion
100%   1h 37m 38s
Destiny 2
Scourge of the Past - No Major Glitches, PC   9m 28s
Beat the Game   3m 02s
Risk of Rain 2
Celestial Ending   13m 49s
Sonic And Ashuro
Sonic And Ashuro 100%   34m 21s