No new game?
3 years ago

So I was wondering if the switch version could just be integrated in the Wii game? And just make a diffrent sub catrgory for the Bowsers Furry game.


Lol I forgot the touchpad...

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you mean the wii u game? the mechanics and content are going to be different. just be patient for when the game comes out and the mods will handle it :)

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I think people forget how the Wii U game plays. The trailer revealed a plethora of new mechanics to the base game and has the possibility of patching a boat load of existing glitches. Hence, why the speed runners who run the old game asked for new leaderboards because these games are drastically different and it would make no sense to compare it to a Wii U game where you can boot the game from a USB to save two and a half minutes

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Yeah. The games are going to be very different just based off what we’ve seen in trailers. There will be more differences to be found once the game comes out, it makes sense for new leaderboards

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If we find the similarities are close enough, the existing Wii U board could be reorganized the way that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze set up their board after their rerelease.

The issue I think that will keep the Wii U board and this board from being combined is online multiplayer. The biggest difference between the original and this remake is that online play makes multiplayer runs possible for groups to grind out PB’s if they have the time, a feature not shared by the Wii U version.

Also, there’s talk that some people may try to do 3D World + Bowser Fury runs, and the best place to track those would be on a board dedicated to the games that come with this rerelease.

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3 years ago

After the leaks, there are a ton of differences, This Word Document does a very good job at explaining them in detail So no, the time saved from Switch will likely be too much (especially for 380 star) to allow combining the leaderboards

3D World Switch is definitely not the same game as 3D World Wii U. There have been a number of hard changes to mechanics (faster characters) and level design (to account for mechanics), and I believe I heard there was a new glitch?

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