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6 years ago

PlayStation: How well does XEBRA run the versions of SotN specifically?

Sega Saturn: Is SSF acceptable? Last I heard, yabause paled in comparison, and is only used in multi-emulators because it's open source.


SSF is acceptable, but I've heard it suffers from input delay. Yabause itself is pretty annoying, but now there is no need to touch that piece of garbo because BizHawk has it's core and it works fine there. I don't think any of us has tried out XEBRA yet, but from all I've heard it is one of the better cores. Usually if there are problems with sotn they are due to audio synch. Psxjin and BizHawk are the ones we usually recommend for PSX, there are some more notes here: https://www.speedrun.com/sotn/guide/mb09w

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Thanks, missed that guide. Only problem with Xebra is I'm not sure there's a way to get a nice pixel aspect. Thanks for fighting the good fight of internal assets versus crappy CRT stretching, everything's distorted when you try to play the game "normally"...

Yeah, the SSF input delay thing is really complicated. It seems to be very specific on what settings you use, what your PC's like (i.e. your video hardware and settings), maybe even what game you're playing, etc.

I should probably just get a real copy honestly. SotN isn't too bad expensive right now, though we all know PS pricegouging is right around the corner. Might just look for the Japanese release, probably the best idea (and best version really). But then I gotta put up with the distortion.

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Be wary that on Playstation the JP 1.0 version of the game would be considered a different category. It has some exclusive glitches and some of the mechanics work a bit differently, no wingsmash chaining for example. There seems to be another Japanese release that is closer to the western game, but we don't really know how that situation is since we don't have many runners on PS hardware.

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There are three versions dumped, but most people only reference two physical versions. Those would be 1.0, the original release, and 1.2, the The Best/PSone Books release which has the Sprite song, the Wing Smash chaining, Richter's flame whip, etc. 1.1 is mysterious and I know nothing about it, except for the following.

The program dates suggest that 1.1 was completed a month after 1.0 (both in early 1997), 1.2 was completed all the way in early 1998, and the Saturn version was completed some months after that. 1.1 could be some kind of second batch... it might be possible that copies of 1.0 people have are in fact 1.1?

I was hoping to find the "new" 1.2 release, but if 1.1 is a simple bugfixed version of the "old" release, I wouldn't mind that. The 1.2 changes are pretty substantial, I can't imagine 1.1 did too much.

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United States

tcrf to the rescue.

1.0 has no wingsmash chaining, has a glitch that lets richter fight dracula (but the game freezes after), and doesn't have wargs dropping their karma coins.

1.1 has the drop bug fixed, enables wingsmash ciaining, and has an exclusive glitch that allows corruption by rapidly swapping items. It also corrects some bad data in two of the enemies.

1.2 adds the lyric feature, undoes the aforemantioned fix to the tombstone and archer (because the international versions have it unfixed there), fixes the swap corruption glitch, and allowes the double fire boomerang trickery that will crash the game in earlier JP versions (but works in US) to work properly. Oh, and richters flame whip is changed to fire elemental.

The combination of save corruption and fire boomerang issues does mean 1.1 is different, though this probably doesn't matter unless you manage the game end glitch

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