Is it okay to have skips in the Videofootage that proofs the WR?
6 years ago

Hey guys, i am new to this and wasnt finding anything about such a situation.

That's the run i am talkin about. I've found 2 Skips in the Footage: 16:40 and 1:42:13. So this Footage could be edited i guess. Is there any proof that this WR is legit?


When you watch his video on Twitch you don't see those skips :) I guess it has something to do with uploading it to YouTube

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thanks to latest dramas, every single offline yt run is a spliced one and non legit. xd

upd: it took me ~18 seconds to find the twitch vod

seems like either that was a console/stream lag, or you actually need a lag to execute both of these glitches.

b4 the lag


heres the frame b4 the lag

and this is the 1st frame after the lag

notice the livesplit timer still going on, and it's 1s. difference between these two frames. im actually curious why i should frame-research the game i don't run/care about, instead of you.

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Video flaws happen and should be considered in the context of all the information around it, life's not black and white like everyone wants to believe. Youtube trashed up one of my videos the other day even though my local copy is fine.

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Twitch nonsense aside, YouTube itself LOVES to destroy videos like that. There used to be great guides on how to get a video as close as possible to what the YouTube machine wants, but I have no idea if any of those are even accurate when YouTube needlessly "overhauls" something at least once a month.

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