GTA VC Any% No SSU Timing
2 years ago

Does the timer for the speedrun starts right when the "Vice Beach Outside Ken's Office" Appears?, i made my first no ssu run but my xbox game bar started a bit late.


when Marco's Bistro, Liberty City 1986 appears (when the loading screen after starting a new game is gone)

or just use autosplitter to have no worries about timing it

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oh ok well, after i pressed the record hotkey for my xbox game bar right when i hit new game it started a bit late

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

"Timing starts when the loading screen after starting a new game is gone, and ends when control is lost over Tommy Vercetti after killing Sonny on 'Keep Your Friends Close...'"

Straight from the rules.

If your run doesn't include the whole run, it will be rejected.

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ok thanks, ive been watching your vids and practicing for the no ssu category, i would say at first, things were hard for me, but the more i learned, i realised that this isnt that hard

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