General/Minor Optimizations Thread
8 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

This thread may or may not actually be very actively used but I got an idea for one such optimization and it'd be good to come up with more if not already done.

The Party package pickup (100%):

Basically you want to follow the sidewalk, then begin to slow down and turn towards Lance's house when you see the sharp-ish turn in the sidewalk. Try to grind against the wall, and right before the stairs, turn the slightest bit to the right so you're more likely to get out on the left instead of on the right. Also, if you turn right (which I don't do in the video) you'll be able to drive away faster without having stairs blocking you off perpendicularly.

Vice City Port Authority package speed:


I've been timing Copland routes from mansion to garage and at least for me, the fastest one is going left after Starfish bridge, then straight to the main road at the bridge next to the pizza place (not going left to the Chase apartment). I got around 3s faster drives compared to going straight after Starfish bridge and past Malibu, and going past the Chase apartment, though I'm not that good at that route, so timesaves may be less.

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Friesland, Netherlands

The bridge is called "Island Bridge", not "Starfish Bridge"

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wait a little before skipping the cutscene, when you see the cutscene restart, spam skip it and start running towards the bike. I've had it where I don't face away from the bike but a lot of the time you will face away from it.

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thank you for this mercedes strat streaks


You don't want move tommy, you just want to use the mouse and aim at mercedes.


yeah i know lol i did it by accident and i thought it was funny

Łódzkie, Poland

You can save 2-3 seconds when you runover cop on the way back from Treacherous Swine to Mail Shootout, you dont have to skip phonecall

Łódzkie, Poland

Maybe holding call after taking the sniper riffle, and answering it in docks should be fine? Cuz you have to wait for the call (i dont know for how long) in docks.

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Łódzkie, Poland

I didn't saw that FailFish my bad.

For All Missions, instead of parking the bike away, trigger the cutscene then pick it up again. Park on the Kruger and do F3 F1 if it doesn't work spam F1 until it's done but you'll won't gain control of tommy but should still be faster than parking away the bike and trigger the cutscene on foot

Łódzkie, Poland

The Kz's lance teleport thingy also works on No Escape? with Cam

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you should chainsaw the guy


I'm too lazy to test this myself, but I was thinking maybe it's faster to skip getting the pistol before Treachearous Swine and just using the chainsaw for tswine and mall shootout.

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Łódzkie, Poland

Faster bike enter at BaB start, saves around 1s

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package :)

jump :)

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you kind of need the armor in the second clip tho


GINORMOUS strat for S&D in No SSU (imagine you're on the phonecall)

Czech Republic

Very minor, but it's pretty annoying when you're stuck in the animation after chainsawing. Basically just chainsaw, quickly double tap crouch and then immediately swap guns.

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