Change in timing to some ILs
3 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

Since the IL boards been around, the side missions which come with timers have been timed using that timer, or whatever other in-game time could be used. I never thought it'd be problematic enough to affect rankings, but it's common knowledge that in-game time in GTA is pretty much trash.

This has come to its logical conclusion since we've realized that the in-game timer on the mobile version (and to a certain extent, console versions) of the game runs more slowly than the actual game itself (which is also extremely slow on mobile), so you can get a worse run on console or mobile with a faster in-game time. This is unacceptable, and as such we've made the decision to standardize timing. The start and end of timing for these ILs will remain as before, only using real time as the standard. This also finally solves the impossible PS2 WRs mystery. Unfortunately, this also digs the grave for the mobile version in terms of competitiveness in these ILs, but its disadvantage in speed is already reflected in RTA-timed ILs and the main board, so it should be consistent. Who knows if we'll see the day that version is faster at anything now.

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