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3 months ago


Typically do runs without a timer - had a situation yesterday where OBS dropped connection briefly, so the run (all stunt jumps if relevant) is split into two VODs. Fortunately the issue happened during the drive to the mall while doing Shakedown, so it would be easy enough to work out the real time somewhat accurately - probably just going to do another run as the run was shit anyway, but if not, would the run being split over more than one vod with a short missing period be an issue?

Michigan, USA
He/Him, They/Them
3 months ago

You have to have one single recording of a run or in the case of an issue a recording of the transition between the two vods (so there is complete overlap)My recommendation would be to record locally at all times (and immediately delete if no PB and space is a concern), OBS can be set up to start recording when you go live, and then it is a non issue

Massachusetts, USA

If 1) you live streamed it, 2) it's not WR, and 3) the break is short enough between the parts, then it's acceptable. At least that's how it used to be back when such submissions were more common, so I don't have an objection. But yeah, always locally record and submit uploaded recordings, preferably.

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