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Hit the Courier -> Distribution + Hit the Courier -> Cabmaggedon CP is JP only, Cabmaggedon works on both JP and INTL. Cancel Cabmaggedon with Taxi Driver.

Shakedown Dupe & Pass -> Pizza Boy International (confirmed crash on Japanese)

Trial by Dirt Taxi & Vigilante International & Japanese

~~VIPStBCP should be only International (not tested on Japanese) ~~ Prevents completing the rest of taxi missions and taxi driver.

Cop Land -> SSA Race -> Demolition Man/Trojan Voodoo International (confirmed crash on Japanese)

Vigilante->G-Spotlight->Paramedic International & Japanese

KYFC -> The Job International & Japanese

Recruitment Drive -> Love Juice Psycho Killer can be duped after. Passes when the Psycho gets away. International (crashes on Japanese)

TAXI DRIVER -> Checkpoint Charlie Make sure to have a key bound to both submission and look behind One script is active. Several ways to kill it including Ocean Heights buy, Paramedic and Test Track. International & Japanese

**Spilling the Beans -> RC Raider Pickup ** International & Japanese

Alloy Wheels of Steel -> StB (Skips going to Malibu) International (not sure about JP)

The Job + Keep Your Friends Close... International & Japanese

Bombs Away Dupe -> Friendly Rivalry International & Japanese

Dirtring -> The Driver International (not tested on Japanese)

Love Juice -> Spilling the Beans -> Pizza Boy Japanese

Cannon Fodder -> Spilling the Beans (Allows for RC Raider Instapass right after) International & Japanese (The line used on JP is "Hey, amigo. Good to see you could make it"

Bombs Away Dupe -> Friendly Rivalry -> Spilling the Beans -> Distribution International (not sure about JP)

The Shootist -> Demolition Man Japanese Only

Trojan Voodoo -> Spilling the Beans Japanese Only

Crashes on mission completion

Recruitment Drive -> Publicity Tour International

Collection of stuff mentioned on forums and IRC, mostly by Patrick and husho. I'll try to update the thread with video examples and new instapasses as they're being found.

It's still better to discuss individual instapasses in their own threads, but I thought it would be good to have a hub where all information is easily accessible.

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You need to also kill your friends in The Job to get a wanted level because else you get a call and then the mission continues as normal.

More importantly, you cannot instapass The Job, then because: You have two instances of KYFC. To instapass The Job, you have two choices: 1)If you try to instapass The Job now, the first of those KYFC instances causes a crash. 2)If you die, you have 1 KYFC instance left, the one that waits for the cutscene to end. You cannot "revive" that.


I tried - for the first time afaik - looking for an instapass that has to be actually instant, as in, one frame later the relevant variables are set and it does not work anymore.

Death Row -> RC Bandit Race - not sure if this is useful:

  • WR is ~2:15
  • the despawn area is too huge to be avoided
  • you cannot warp back to the Malibu Club after the instapass ("The taxi shortcut is disabled if 0318(mission done) or 0595(oddjob done) is called, usually when the player passes a mission, or when a rampage is started." - gtamodding wiki)

It has to be instant at the offset I used because one frame after the mission starts, the number of checkpoints variable is set to 50, before it is still 0. 0 checkpoints done out of 0 = mission passed. :D

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I edited my previous post regarding taxi warps. New text: [quote]- you cannot warp back to the Malibu Club after the instapass ("The taxi shortcut is disabled if 0318(mission done) or 0595(oddjob done) is called, usually when the player passes a mission, or when a rampage is started." - gtamodding wiki)[/quote]

Alloy Wheels of Steel confirmed to work but too slow Cannon Fodder - main loop, probably - as soon as you are inside the war zone after (without entering the marker), even after leaving the zone then fail by killing the biker after getting the God Bike"

Spilling The Beans and RC Raider Instapassing: This needs some research. Afaik, you are not allowed to get a phone call until "we're gonna fight like men!". After that mission audio but before the dialog with the guy at the war zone, you need to mess up the audio stuff in the game: you need to have the phone ring and then end the call any way you like. You don't even need to talk to the other person on the phone. It's messed up as soon as the call unloads mission audio, which is after the call ends. Afaik, taking the call after dying as I did in the video is unnecessary, I just did it to show that it is fine. Should be tested again (by avoiding call by getting a wanted level by running people over).

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Why is it that starting an SSA race during cop land consistently crashes my game, with or without lance, and with or without "now that's got them really irritated"?


Do you mash when entering a race? You can take your time selecting a race but after that you have to mash. "Irritated" - I don't know if that's one of the the right lines but "let's get the cop's attention" would definitely work.

I've been slacking since getting that internship, there's quite some work to do to document those instapasses properly.

E: In JP, SSA races differ. Demolition Man and Trojan Voodoo should crash but they might work. You can try just starting races and then the mission, it will crash after a few seconds if it instapasses fine.

I added a description to the video.

[quote] Everything marked with a ! is absolutely necessary. The game crashes if you do not do it. !1) Start Cop Land.

  • It does not matter if you "softlock" the "Let's get the cop's attention" line, even though the wait offset is different - coincidence.
  • The purpose is "stack fixing" - it is hard to explain but it is essential.
  1. Start the race menu. 2a) Select endurance race (because the starting grid is closest).
  • You can take your time here. 2b) Mash(!) sprint to "accept" the race.
  1. start race ("go") !4) die
  • Optimization (quick death): Set fire to a racer's car and then press F ~4.5s later (~1s window of opportunity)
  1. optimization: get into the taxi from the passenger side and steal it after the warp
  2. start Demo Man

You need to get rid of the other instance, else the game probably crashes in the next mission. For that, you need to skip the intro cinematic cutscene moderately fast. The reason is that skipping late delays the van spawn. The van spawn has to have happened before the mission passes so that "mission cleanup" turns it into traffic, else it stays and you have to destroy it yourself. A clear way to tell is that the "get to the van" line is shown before the mission passes and that it says "mission failed, you destroyed the van" quickly or eventually. [/quote]

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Hm, why did I not double-post about the Demoman IP. Anyway, read that edit in my last post.

If you use the dead Cabmag instance from the instapass of said mission to dupe HtC, you have to skip the intro cs rapidly. Else, you get two cutscenes running simultanously with only one finishing (like when duping Bombs Away in the cutscene.


"Cannon Fodder -> Spilling the Beans (Allows for RC Raider Instapass right after)"

That video was meant as a proof of concept, not a tutorial. It sucks as that. Also, it is obsolete, can you move the obsolete ones to the end of the post and mark them as such?

In general, there is a lot to instapasses that you cannot just learn by watching runs or unedited videos. You read about them or find them out yourself (or get told by chat).

I have a document that I need to update:

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jp only

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East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Stunt Boat Challenge with Recruitment Drive (INT only)


Messing With the Man w/ Copland [not tested in int]


@inverno Messing with the Man IP also works on International version.

  • Back Alley Brawl Instapass with Phnom Penh '86

Don't skip the cutscene fast as you start the first instance or will not work. Works on International and Japanese versions.

  • Treacherous Swine Instapass with Recruitment Drive

Lleaves a permanent Casual (Brown T-Shirt) clothes trigger. Works on Japanese version.

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