Rule Update 16/6/21
2 years ago
East Riding of Yorkshire, England

In order to maintain consistency with III/SA and ensure no accidental or intentional NG+ affects runners, the mod team has decided to enforce mandatory game restarts per attempt for all runners going forward regardless of their leaderboard position. We are giving you all a two week grace period (until June 30th) to accommodate. Any runs from July 1st onwards will be rejected if you are not playing from a fresh game boot.

AHK scripts to quickly restart the game in-between attempts (including skipping the Capcom warning message) are allowed as long as they are used before the run begins. Using them to restart the game during the run will make your run illegitimate (this also applies to using them during Mult-Game runs).

TLDR - Mandatory game restarts for everyone beginning July 1st, no previous runs will be affected.

If you want to find out more about how to use AHK within these new rules, you can find a video guide below.

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