Info - Coding doc with memory addresses, variables, etc.  
Info - Crash Address Archive  
Info - Frame limiter explained  
Info - GTA Link Collection  
Info - GTA: Vice City World Record Progression  
Info - Instapasses document  
Info - Missions that set time  
Info - Missions that set weather  
Info - Technical Explanation of Script Stack Underflow (SSU) By Nick007J (Semi-Outdated)  
Info - Thread / Script Order explained + how to check it for 100%  
Info - Vehicle Handling Data  
Info - Weather system explained  
Route - 100% by Mhmd_FVC  
Route - 100% Double Instapass Route - simplified by RoK  
Route - 100% Route by PowerSlaveAlfons (Dupeless)  
Route - 100% Route by S.  
Route - 100% SSA Instadeliveries Route by iguana, izaoi and Marushko  
Route - All Missions & 100% Routes by Caster  
Route - All Missions DemoMan Instapass Route by izaoi & xMeme  
Tutorial - All Missions Video Guide by English_Ben  
Tutorial - Ammo copy glitch ("700 grenades" etc.)  
Tutorial - Any% No SSU Video Guide by English_Ben  
Tutorial - Any% Video Guide by English_Ben  
Tutorial - Duping Guide to onMission Flag manipulation  
Tutorial - How to uncensor the game  
Tutorial - Setup Guide for Speedrunning by English_Ben  
Tutorial - TbD Mass Duping Guide (Vigilante/Taxi)  
Tutorial - Tool Shop / Ammunation Warp Glitch  
[Outdated] 100% Route Document by JustShanz  
[Outdated] 100% Route Document by JustShanz (alt.)  
[Outdated] All Missions routing  
[Outdated] Duped mission effects compilation  
[Outdated] Extremely Outdated Video-Tutorial: How to run Vice City any%  
[Outdated] GTA: Vice City Any% Tricks  
[Outdated] Robberies% Guide  
[Outdated] Tutorial - No SSU Cherry Poppers duping in-depth explanation and backups  
[Outdated] Vice City any% written document guide (Japanese version)