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Hello friends.
So now that Ty is out on Steam there's interest in timing out loads to keep it fair between the platforms and so I need some help when it comes to gather info on the load times. I have a GC and PS2 copy of Ty 1, no Xbox copy and I only have a Wii and PS2. My PS3 is a model 2 fat one which can't play PS2 discs so I'm here asking for some help from you guys. I need some videos of loads in the game using various versions. Here is the list of loads I need:

GameCube on GameCube
PS2 on PS2 Phat
PS2 on PS2 Slim
PS2 on PS3
Xbox on Xbox
Xbox on Xbox 360

I can get emulator times myself. What I need is for someone to go through a few load screens for give or take 5 minutes. So for example just load your file and go into a level then back out of the level then enter it again. The videos will help me get an understanding of the load times. It'll also help me figure out how long they are based on the version and console it's being played on.

You can drop a link to the videos in here as it's nothing really important that you need to hide from everyone. Thanks


Test one on GameCube

Test two on GameCube

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