Custom Skin Guidelines
Custom Skin Guidelines
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Custom Skin Guidelines

As of August 2023, customizing Ty's skin is permitted for PC runs.

A LiveSplit log file must be provided. These are printed automatically by the autosplitter. You can find them in your LiveSplit folder under Components/TyLogs/FinishedRuns. Upload your run log file to PasteBin, ensuring that the name of the paste is the name of the log file, and add the PasteBin link to your run description.

  • Only Ty's skins may be modified (
  • No transparency (alpha) may be applied to any part of the skin.
  • Failure to provide the skin or LiveSplit log file when asked may result in an invalid run, warning, or ban.

For more info on how to create a skin, see xMcacutt's guide here:

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