Custom Skins, New Category, and More
Custom Skins, New Category, and More
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New Category, Custom Skins, and More

Controller Emulation

A few days ago, the announcement was made that controller emulation would be allowed for PC runs to help with Outback Movement and Cutscene Skips.

We want to clarify that these are the only two mechanics which may be bound to keyboard. Other keybinds may be possible but are either too difficult to set up or give too much of an advantage to be allowed.

Additionally, as an alternative to Key2Joy, Buzchy's python script is now also allowed. This can be found under resources or in the Verified Tools new post.

Custom Skins

From now on, we are also allowing custom reskins of Ty for runs. There are several rules surrounding this which can be found here

We want to emphasise that this does not affect gameplay in any way. Cheating is not made easier by this change in any way.

The process for modifying Ty's skin is somewhat complex so I ( @mcacutt ) will be creating a video guide to go through the easiest way to go about making your own skin.

New Category

At long last, an All Picture Frames category has been added to the Category Extensions board.

The category with the most support in the end was Cheat% All Picture Frames.

All cheats except the level select cheat are allowed in this category so the bonus world opening cheats can be used for the last ~250 frames.

Full rules and clarifications surrounding the new category can be found under the category rules on SRC.

With all of these new changes, we're now looking towards shifting to loadless. This will require manually editing every run which will take some time so stick with us.

Thank you for your patience,

Matt & The Moderation Team

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