Playstation 5 platform?
1 year ago
Tennessee, USA

I've been playing this on the PS5 and been considering running could you add ps5 as a Console

Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland

I also play the PS4 version on my PS5. I've submitted the runs under PS4 and state in the description that I use PS5. That also works :) (Though if PS5 was added I wouldn't complain :D)

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Illinois, USA

Hey yall, we've added PS5 as an acceptable console (running ps4 version of the game). If you have any past runs that were ran on PS5 that you entered under PS4, please let me know so we can change it accordingly. PS5 having faster load times means it needs to be indicated in the runs instead of falsely being PS4.

Thanks for bring up the question!

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