Where do I get splits for this game?
5 years ago
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Hello, I'm new to speedrunning, and I've learned how to use OBS Studio by making YouTube videos. I was how I go about getting splits for speedruns? I would assume that I can connect the window it's in to the position I want in OBS, but I don't know what I need to download/get to make that work.

I'm really interested in speedrunning this game, and I've been learning the Any% route. Any response so I can practice splitting and playing would be great. I would love to see a visual of improvements I make. :)


You need a program called LiveSplit (or some other timer program) and in there you set up how many splits you want, and what you wanna call them. You also need to decide the hotkeys to control the splits with, I use numpad keys cause they're hard to hit accidentally

To make it show up in OBS, you add a Window Capture on the LiveSplit window. easy as that!

Check out this video for how to get a basic setup going

(the stuff before 24 mins is about speedrun.com and how to learn about a speedgame)

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Additionally, if you want more info on TY speedrunning, feel free to join the discord and ask any questions you have there!


The discord link is in the sidebar btw

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Thank you all for the responses! I appreciate it. I just got my splits set up. I'll keep practicing, and once I have the route memorized, I hope to have my first run posted after that.

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Things are looking good. I now know the route up to Outback and Bridge, so I just need to learn Snow Worries, then the boss, and then I'm done with hub 2. At this rate, I should have my first run posted soon. :)

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Massachusetts, USA

congrats, however this forum is more for asking questions and less for casual discussion. If you want to discuss your progress though, feel free to join the discord!

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