why wouldnt you just let the timer keep running

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Like I mentioned to you in the Phantom Hourglass forum - disallowing pausing the timer is not unique to certain games, it's a generally rule across RTA runs in all of speedrunning.

The only types of runs that allow you to pause the timer are segmented runs which aren't really tracked or run anymore. They were popular years ago and SDA might still track them, but the LBs on this site go by RTA rules unless a game has a segmented category (idk of any games in popular series that do off the top of my head).

While a mod is more than welcome to correct me, unfortunately, if you stop your timer and restart it, your run won't be accepted onto the LBs because it violates RTA rules. That goes for the majority of games that use RTA rules (which is most of them except maybe in very rare cases).