100% Glitch less (all outfits aquired and all levels completed)
2 years ago
Tyrol, Austria

100% means all outfits and levels done den of trials completed Rupees and materials don't matter but all of the main parts must be completed

Ottawa, ON, Canada

you couldve just responded to the existing thread but, considering the dapper outfit is only acquired legitimately through waiting literal days (4 days if lucky) in the treasure shop this would mean you cant take breaks during the run and this also brings into question the time skips in system settings and the various 3d models that would be at disadvantage.

Edited response instead of posting a new comment: as for "glitchless" this game is too easy to exploit even accidentally. you would have to go through each instance of a trick in game and note if its just a exploit or a glitch by definition. (from my experience its a lot of exploits linked together and not an error in the games code.)

Its a definitely a weird game when it comes to differentiating between glitches, exploits, and out of bounds (some more obvious then others)

My all challenges with costumes only focuses on the levels for around 10hrs which includes exploiting and hardly any practice and more free flow and full of mistakes, you would also need to consider if your 100% definition includes both the singleplayer and multiplayer completion as both are checked individually although king tuft material collection only needs either 1 or the other done to collect the rare materials for costumes, and as I mentioned before the dapper spinner costume for glitchless (I double checked the costume material requirements I thought it was 5 freebies) it would literally take 9 days optimally (if you set your time and date optimally) to get all the materials necessary to make the dapper spinner outfit and each rng pull is a 25% of getting the material from the daily riches shop chest costing you a literal 24hrs to your run. So actually running the game 100% without glitches will be well over 216hrs without time skip, it wouldn't even matter how fast you do the challenges you would have to play the waiting game. (also unlocking the daily riches shop in general) there would literally be no one to run this unless its for a freebie world record and a waste of server space for speedrun.com

If this were to becoming a run actually worth running, it would need to allow time skip and run on a 3ds because emulators don't have a working home menu to navigate (also if it did load times advantage) this would save the 200hrs in the run and actually being fast in all levels would matter with room to debate regarding multiplayer and singleplayer for the 100% completion.

(emulators would not be able to do this category if time skip is allowed)

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