Misc categories or fun
2 years ago

edit: just noticed theres a thread related to categories for the main leaderboard but that doesn't consider meme or fun categories so please consider responding to this thread for meme/fun and for main the other thread

Basically is there any type of speedrun for the game that's not the main leaderboard that could be fun to run? I'd like to do runs of something that could be fun until I feel like finishing the empty leaderboards. Examples would be item cheats, make all costumes, boss rush, or just any joke or challenge run that's not too short and boring (Any%). Obviously I wont be adding these to sr.c main leaderboard (can possibly put it under extension if theres more than just 1 run) and anyone here can participate.

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i know we have a lack of "community" its just to avoid unnecessary leaderboards for the sites owners or creating leaderboards with only 1 runner for it

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