EU Cheat Menu

Use the EU Version if you can, it as more up to date cheats like overclock to run the loading screens and textboxes faster (Eu Plugin 0004000000177000) (direct download)

By KooparyKoopary

JP Cheat Menu

The Cheats list is in English (JP Plugin 0004000000176E00) (direct download)

By KooparyKoopary

NA Cheat Menu

Na Plugin 0004000000176F00 (direct download)

By KooparyKoopary


ILs, Any%, All Levels Practice Save

All Costumes and Game completed (direct download)

By LustNoelLustNoel


IL Blank Canvas

Here if you are lazy (direct download)

By LustNoelLustNoel

The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes - Any%

Blank Splits Canvas that can be modified (direct download)

By LustNoelLustNoel


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