Is there a Discord server for this game? I can't find one on speedrun.com or on ZSR's list of Discord invites. From what I can tell this is the only Zelda game that doesn't have a Discord server linked on ZSR.

If there isn't a server, is there enough interest to create one?

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If the game comes to Nintendo Switch, I think there will be enough interest to create one.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

there is actually, but rarely anyone talks in it, i’ve linked it in the discord tag

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Ottawa, ON, Canada

removed the discord from the discord section, activity is dead and the topics became irrelevant to the game, if you want to make one I will be willing to add it

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Discord: https://discord.gg/vWEH4aMmaX

Heres a link to the TFH glitch server, its mostly about stuff related to the game and not focused on just glitches, its not really a speedrun server either but it has members who know tricks related to the game which can help in a speedrun and casual setting. You probably wont find someone to run the game with you there and its not a server used to start casual games although you can ask. Not gonna link this to the speedrun.com website page but it should be good enough resource to help you out, outside of youtube comments and the forum here.

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