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There are way too many categories to list so if any of you have any thoughts on main categories that aren't meme categories, reply to this thread.


we need Any% and 100%? because Missions..... Ahhh to much categories


gg, how delete the categorie before you edit the categorie


Now the leaderboard looks really good and i hope thats enough catergorys now


^ I agree with every point

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Same. Thanks for writing that up, Dan. I agree 100%.

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Alright I believe the leaderboards are all good and up to date. Thanks for all the feedback!

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It's not possible to put a categorie 100% ? (all cosplay and all levels)

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I think that would imply a lot of randomness for the materials and rupee farming, so idk if anyone would do that lol

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getting all costumes is fine, the only issue is the dapper spinner costume which you're forced to use the time skip in system settings unless thats banned. meaning older 3ds models will take longer and be at a disadvantage in comparison to newer 3ds models. not only that that would also mean you would need to consider if the multiplayer challenges also need to be completed, and based on my singleplayer all levels with costumes run being around 10hrs if you even all the appropriate costumes in the first place for single you can imagine this is not something anyone and even myself would consider doing for a game like this. so theoretically you can do a 100% category.

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