New rules regarding runs on emulator **Please Read**
3 years ago
New York, USA

Up until this point there were no restrictions on which version of Dolphin could be used for runs. However, from this point forward Dolphin 5.0 stable is banned for all categories. No action is going to be taken against runs already on the leader board using this version. Just keep it in mind going forward.

You can use one of the beta versions of Dolphin. The most recent beta version has been a good suggested version to use. However, there are others that work. Version 5.0-11229 has been confirmed to work fine as well. If you're not sure please ask in the Discord. Also, if you're experiencing issues with lag or performance in general with another version please let us know so we can try to assist. The point of this rule change is to make things more fair between console and emulator so we want everyone to be competing on an even playing field. Thank you for your cooperation on this.

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