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Hey long time viewer and soon to be runner. I really want to get into running Skies but I know at the moment I dont have the capacity to run a 10+ hr game, soooo I thought of some shorter runs that might be worth a try until I (and newer runners) could make it to a full run. Lemme know what you think

We should make some meme catagories

Handkerchief %- get to the handkerchief outside Aikas house as soon as possible.

Bad decisions%-Choose all the bad decisions

Sell Dracmas arm%-Sell Dracmas arm as soon as possible

Chom%- find and feed all choms to Cupil

Overkill%- Use everyone's ultimate special moves in single turn.

Let me know what you guys think

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You can certainly run any category you can come up with if you're not able to do a full run. But a leader board will not be made for such categories. Any% and 100% are the main categories. If a shorter category were to be made, it would be to reach a specific part of the game. Like defeat The Lynx or something like that. But it's never been agreed upon what a good stopping point would be for such a category and interest hasn't really been expressed for it. So, feel free to run any category you want outside of the main ones. It doesn't have to be tracked by a leader board to be a category.

I should also add that you can do a segmented Any% run if you are not able to do it in one sitting. There is a segmented Any% category for such runs. It was made to allow the old SDA segmented run to be added to the site but anyone can submit a segmented Any% run there.

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