100% Category/4 Giant Monsters Respawn Glitch **Please Read**
3 years ago
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This is a disclaimer regarding the 100% category as an issue has been found after a runner was unable to obtain the three secrets. The issue is related to the four giant monster battles. They can re-spawn and the game may not count them as completed. Research is being conducted now to determine what is causing this as it has not impacted every single runner. At this point we believe it to be related to doing another trigger after beating the monster battle such as getting into an encounter or sleeping at an inn. Just be advised of this issue for now. More information to be posted later once we know for certain. You may also check the Discord as well for more info.

Update: The issue with the giant monsters is not yet entirely figured out. Specifically with the current route, Obispo has re-spawned for more than one runner now. We do not know why this is happening but are still researching it. Obispo is the last giant monster fought in the run. It would be in your best interest to save and reset after defeating him to confirm that he has not re-spawned or it's been suggested that entering and exiting the bridge of the Delphinus can also confirm this. If you have issues getting the three secrets to appear and you are sure you have done everything, please check Obispo first to make sure he has not re-spawned.

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New York, USA

Update to this after 2 years. The reason for the 4 Giant Monsters respawning has been determined thanks to Noseguy. We thank you for this! I'm just going to quote them below since they explain it better than I can probably lol


-If you run from a ship battle, it will set bit 1099, ShipBattleEscape. ShipBattleEscape’s value will persist – even through saving & loading. From what I’ve seen, ShipBattleEscape’s value will only reset after winning a Giant Monster ship battle, winning other ship battles will not reset it. This means if you run from a ship battle at any point in time, the next Giant Monster you face will respawn.

-Hundo runners would almost never run from a ship battle, which is why the glitch used to be so rare. Now that we know that the Number of Optional Ship Battles can be quickly increased by running & bridgehopping though, the glitch is a concern again.

-For Maario’s hundo run today, running from a sequence of Pyrynn Black Pirate fights (ending at 7 hours 28 minutes) caused Giant Looper to respawn after defeating it (at 15 hours 7 minutes) – ShipBattleEscape’s value persisted for nearly 8 hours from before Esparanza through past Yeligar, nothing in between reset its value.

-So, there are three main options for hundo routing then:

A) Defeat any ship battles before Giant Monsters normally, escape & bridgehop only from ship battles afterwards. B ) Save all 8 optional ship battles until all four Giant Monsters have been defeated, so that you can escape & bridgehop from all of them. C) Pick a Giant Monster that you want to defeat twice. Before you fight it, escape & bridgehop for your 8 optional ship battles.

-For option C, it should be noted that in my testing only Roc and Giant Looper immediately respawned after a bridgehop, making them the fastest choices. For Roc you could get two Gold Bullion for 20k Gold, while facing Giant Looper twice gives you two Captain’s Stripes, Thermal Greases, and Hex Shells.

-Final consideration: This can also be exploited to dupe Giant Monster drops for as long as you’re willing to sacrifice time. Because ShipBattleEscape only resets after Giant Monster ship battles, you can alternate between escaping from an optional ship battle and defeating a Giant Monster to keep them respawning as long as you want. The fastest choice for this would be Roc, who is placed right next to the North Ocean Black Pirates. You could alternate between escaping the NOBP and defeating Roc 4 or 5 times to get a few Gold Bullions while boosting your Number of Optional Ship Battles, if the time-investment-to-Gold-output works out to be beneficial."

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