Box break counter
8 months ago

Hey during Mario's 100% run his box broke against Executioner, but when he was selecting the box with Aika it say he has 4 Crystales box but when he selects the box with Drachma it goes down to three, during that next turn it breaks on Drachma. It happens again during the fight. Is there a way to manipulate the boxes not breaking? Like if you see the number go down and use an regular attack instead, it could maybe keep the box for another three uses?

New York, USA

The box number goes down regardless when someone uses a box. If you have 4 boxes and Aika uses one, it's going to show as 3 in the inventory when Drachma uses one whether it actually breaks when she uses it or not. That does not indicate that the box will break. That's just normal since you cannot use more boxes than you actually have. If you have 1 box left it wouldn't make sense that both Aika and Drachma could use that box. Box breaking is just RNG. No way to tell until the turns plays out.

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