Rule change regarding when timer starts **Please Read**
2 years ago
New York, USA

It was brought to the attention of the community that the menu after selecting New Game that asks if you want to enable or disable rumble can be skipped if you use a controller that does not support the rumble feature. The menu simply does not come up at all after selecting new game. In order to attempt to keep things fair between both, we have decided to remove that text option menu from timing. As such, the rule has been changed as follows: "The timer starts after the last text box on the menu that asks if you want to enable or disable rumble after you select new game from the title menu. Make the selection and start timer after clearing the final text box before the intro scene starts. If you use a controller that skips the rumble menu, then you simply start timer on selecting new game."

This rule change does not impact the current runs on the leader board as the time difference is negligible. Just keep it in mind for future runs. Now, please note the following: -There is a small loading difference in the opening cutscene starting between new game and clearing the final text box on the rumble menu. If this matters to you, I would suggest using a rumble controller because the loading is slightly faster from the rumble menu versus new game from the title menu. The reason for this is more than likely because the game has to unload more things from the title menu. -The differences have been looked at on GC and Wii courtesy of Pandora. It's less than a second of loading difference but results are below for those interested. In the end, it's been determined the loading difference is not significant enough to cause a problem because the game has too many RNG related factors for it to matter. If two runs happen to be close enough in time, they would certainly be looked at to determine if this loading made a difference. This would be on a case by case basis.

  • On GC: last rumble text box loads 0.7 seconds faster than New game
  • On Wii: last rumble text box loads 0.6 seconds faster than New game

If any questions regarding this rule change, you may ask in the Discord or respond to this forum post. Thank you for reading and your cooperation.

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