New Moderation Team
New Moderation Team
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Hello everyone, introducing the new mod team: Lunayuki and Arustik will be joining as super mods, Roseyoshino and CapitanBublo are returning to the boards as moderators and expo2 and Pizzayumyum joining as verifiers. We all hope to bring you the best boards we can and make speedrunning better for every type of runner, new and old!

While there are lots of changes we'd like to make, what we really want is for the community have their say on what is done with the boards moving forwards. As I said in my original announcement about me becoming a super mod, we are interested in everyone's suggestions for ways to improve the boards, rules, categories and anything else, really, so feel free to let us know!

Happy heisting from the new Payday 2 moderation team!

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Hey runners! Today we have two more announcements to make: one we're very excited about and one we didn't want to make. I'll start with the good one: main leaderboard renovations! We will be rolling out the updated leaderboard setup in the span of the next few days! We'll still have to move some run

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