Crashing as soon as I join Crime Spree lobby
11 months ago

Hi. I want to speedrun 0-100 Crime Spree with friend, but as soon as I join him I crash with the next log:

Application has crashed: C++ exception [string "lib/managers/menu/crimespreemissionsmenucompo..."]:791: attempt to compare nil with number


update_info_text() lib/managers/menu/crimespreemissionsmenucomponent.lua:679 init() lib/managers/menu/crimespreemissionsmenucomponent.lua:464 new() core/lib/utils/coreclass.lua:35 _setup() lib/managers/menu/crimespreemissionsmenucomponent.lua:93 init() lib/managers/menu/crimespreemissionsmenucomponent.lua:31 new() core/lib/utils/coreclass.lua:35 create() lib/managers/menu/menucomponentmanager.lua:5123 original() lib/managers/menu/menucomponentmanager.lua:520 set_active_components() @MODS/base/req/core/Hooks.lua:264 core/lib/managers/menu/coremenulogic.lua:89 _execute_action_queue() core/lib/managers/menu/coremenulogic.lua:54 update() core/lib/managers/menu/coremenulogic.lua:64 update() core/lib/managers/menu/coremenumanager.lua:155 update() lib/managers/menumanagerpd2.lua:20 update() lib/setups/setup.lua:897 original() lib/setups/menusetup.lua:361 update() @MODS/base/req/core/Hooks.lua:264 core/lib/setups/coresetup.lua:559

And when he tried to re-join me after we got to CS 25 he always got Access Violation crash when he joined. Is there any way to fix that? Only mods we have is RNG Modifier and Speedrunning Mod

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Hey, I'm not able to understand this error message. But I invite you to join the Discord :) You'll find people able to help you!

United Kingdom

just so you know, you arnt allowed to use RNG modifier in crimespree, you can only use the speed run mod, sorry i have no info to help you with your crash though

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