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5 years ago
Andalusia, Spain

After carrying out a survey about the use of RNG mods on the PAYDAY 2 Speedrunning Discord server (which you should join if you are interested in running the game, check the sidebar), and taking into account all your opinions, we’ve decided to create a specific * Speedrunning mod * based on the RNG modifier mod originally developed by Dr_Newbie. Znix included all the changes needed to adapt it for speedrunning. We hope this huge change can help to develop the game further and get even more runs submitted, as it reduces the time spent to get nice runs. Nonetheless, it also means that some changes need to be done to the leaderboards. We will try to explain everything here (prepare for a long but hopefully worth long read):

The idea was to make the mod completely optional to those runners not willing to reset thousands of times. But ZNix helped us to make sure nobody was cheating by adding a feature which is basically a mod list on the top right of the screen. For that reason, as we want to keep the runs fair for everyone and to make sure no one is using mods of any kind, [big]ALL RUNS NEED TO HAVE SPEEDRUNNING MOD INSTALLED[/big], even if the rng is not being modified.

The [big]download[/big] for the mod can be found in the Resources tab. It will take you to a Google Drive folder which contains the Speedrunning mod, and a text file with both the info you need to install the mod and the features it comes with. (You can read the file online, and it’s really advised).

We have developed a [big]ruleset[/big] regarding the mod, hoping to control the use of it so that it’s only a way of saving the time you would spend resetting and doesn’t mean a real advantage over whoever decides not to use it:

  • Speedrunning mod must be used in every run, either individual levels and full game runs.

  • Only the Speedrunning mod, RNG modifier and SuperBLT (required for the mod) are allowed. NO OTHER MODS ARE ALLOWED. The Speedrunning mod features a list of mods installed. If anything else appears on that list, YOUR RUN WILL BE REJECTED.

  • The mod comes with an updated in-game timer, featuring hundredths. That timer is ONLY INDICATIVE. When submitting a run, submit the time displayed on the crew stats as we have been always doing.

  • You are allowed to change your RNG settings between days. However you must restart the heist for the new settings to be applied, so you will have to restart IN THE PREPLANNING SCREEN. If you restart during gameplay, the time displayed on the in-game timer will be added to your final time.

  • Your RNG settings must be possible when playing vanilla. IF YOU USE AN IMPOSSIBLE RNG SETTING ON VANILLA, YOUR RUN WILL BE REJECTED.

  • Changing RNG with the mod is only allowed in individual levels and not in [big]Crime Spree[/big]. However, the mod automatically prevents the RNG from being changed in this gamemode, so you need to keep the mod installed when running this category.

  • If another player (that is not the host) is using mods, at the end of the heist, you must show which mods are they using at the player list. Still, only speedrunning mod is allowed.

  • Finally, as [big]consoles[/big] do not allow having any mods, it is not required to use Speedrunning mod while playing in the available ones.

For any [big]questions[/big], help, or concerns regarding the mod or anything, feel free to leave a message here and we’ll try to answer asap. Thanks for reading and good luck (you won’t need it anymore LUL) with your runs!

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First of all, I just wanna say thanks for the people who made this!

Anyways, I'm not sure if this is just on my end, but my HUD color stays black even though the RNG modifier is active.

Also, the modifier dosen't always work.

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Andalusia, Spain

Many people had this problem. We just released a new update of the mod where this is fixed. Sorry for the inconveniences!

Alabama, USA

what will happen if we do this on the ps4? we can't download mods on that


Unfortunately, as you said, there is no way of installing mods on console so you wont be able to use RNG modifier. However that doesn't mean your runs wont be verified (as long as you submit as played from a console).

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Alabama, USA

ok thanks I just wanted clarification


Can we use silent assassin mod on payday 2's speedrun ?

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No It's a cheat mod.

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Can we use a hud mod? Like wolfhud

Andalusia, Spain

The only allowed mod for runs is Speedrunning mod, no matter the purpose of the other mods. And also, Speedrunning mod is compulsory for all PC runners.

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Can we use any "mod_override" mods? Like "Federal Inventory" and "HQ inventory fonts"?


Nope. Only the speedrunning mod and SuperBLT are allowed.

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Federal Inventory actually was for a long time (maybe still is) the unfortunate #1 reason for rejecting runs, as players weren't uninstalling WolfHud properly.

It's harsh as obviously this specific mod is harmless, but we can't just start whitelisting a couple of those. Otherwise we'd soon be caught in the pitfall of endless debates about whether a mod is a cheat or not, something that's up to everyone's own appreciation. Since allowing all override mods is impossible as some might be cheats, then the only solution is banning them all. And yes, very simple override mods can potentially be cheats. To use the example of Framing Frame D3, imagine if the 5 required items were retextured to bright pink, or if the beeping sound of the computer room had its volume increased or was simply changed to a very noticeable noise.

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Ok, I am understand. Thank you.


Beardlib tho? Is that allowed? I can't disable it.


Just delete the mod from your folders

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I did. Everything seems to work fine. Thanks

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I don't understand, i download the mod but can't change RNG and when i download the RNGModifier it's display like a other mod. What I'm supposed to do with RNGModifier ?


Hello, as an linux user, can i use the linux IO compat-tool? It is an mandatory requirement for SuperBLT, as otherwise the mod hooking won't work and thus it is impossible to even install speedrun- and SuperBLT-mods in the first place.

EDIT: I managed to disable the mod, and only have the speedrun- and SuperBLT again.

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Lombardy, Italy

Hello. i want to put on youtube the speedrun. is There a method to hide the panel of MODS in the top left during heist? it's very big and annoying. if not possible doesnt matter, but i think it is for seeing mods.

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