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8 years ago

Hi everybody ! Just a message to let you know that a steam group for the PAYDAY 2 Speedrun Community is created for a moment but I totally forgot to present it to you :D Feel free to join it, it can be more easy to contact between us if you want to make some games or discuss about PAYDAY strat in the chat group. And maybe doing some tournaments for fun, I have some ideas that can interest you :p Here the group :

And keep those helmets flying quickly ! :p


It says Membership by invite only for me


Oops sorry, I forget it was that setup ! And the group says I can't modify it because I have not the rights...Damn you group steam ! Okay for the moment (waiting the creator of the group to modify it), you can add me on Steam and I will invite people who want to join the group.


It's done, now everybody can join the group without invitation o/

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Hey runners! Today we have two more announcements to make: one we're very excited about and one we didn't want to make. I'll start with the good one: main leaderboard renovations! We will be rolling out the updated leaderboard setup in the span of the next few days! We'll still have to move some run

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