Version 1.39 of RNG Modifier
Version 1.39 of RNG Modifier
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Hi Runners we have added RNG manipulation for the following heist:

Hell's Island: all options for glitchless runs

No Mercy: all options for glitchless runs

Slaughterhouse: all options for glitchless runs

Scarface: Wire box locations for glitchless runs

White Xmas: Santa will now always roll the best animation RNG (there is no check box for this its just always on)

Fixed broken RNG options for the following heists:

All Transports asides Train: Vans not spawning correct amount on DW+

Murky Station: Bomb location tweaking for sides of the train

Yacht heist: fixed an issue with button spawn locations RNG not working as intended

There are now two versions you can download, for players that already have extra profiles set up you will want to use the no profiles mod version to stop your profiles from getting corruptedor erased, if its your first time using the mods you want the regular version.

Download link to the new version:

Thanks for testing the mod, @lunayuki and @rekhyt_19, thank you to @.captainalpha and @.unknownknight for development

!Be sure to download BOTH the speedrun mod and RNG mod together for it to work correctly!

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