Version 1.38 of RNG Modifier,
Version 1.38 of RNG Modifier,
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Hi @Runner we are releasing version 1.38 of RNG Modifier, this contains RNG manipulation for: Art gallery Bank heist Big Oil Day 1 Bomb: Forest Buluc’s Mansion Counterfeit Diamond Heist Escapes: Overpass, Garage, Park, Cafe and Street Firestarter Day 1 Four Stores Go Bank Heat Street Hoxton Breakout Day 2 Panic Room Rats Day 1 and Day 2 San Martin Bank Shadow Raid The Big Bank The Biker Heist Day 1 and Day 2 The Bomb: Dockyard Undercover Watchdogs Day 1 and Day 2 White Xmas Download link to the new version: Spreadsheet of everything added / fixed: Thanks for testing the mod, @LunaYuki , @Alt and @seekermodule , thank you to @Çaptain Ålpha and @Unknown Knight for development !Be sure to download BOTH the speedrun mod and RNG mod together for it to work correctly!

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Hey runners! Today we have two more announcements to make: one we're very excited about and one we didn't want to make. I'll start with the good one: main leaderboard renovations! We will be rolling out the updated leaderboard setup in the span of the next few days! We'll still have to move some run

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