autosplitter for mario kart wii!
1 year ago

Hello ! Despite the fact that dolphin is not authorized for speedrun, not having the console with it, I still decided to run on it despite the fact that I could not publish here.

But being on emulator I said to myself that I could therefore afford to have an autosplitter.

Unfortunately none could exist since nobody does speedrun by emulator on mario kart wii, so I decided to develop the autosplitter dedicated to mario kart wii, more precisely to his speedrun 32tracks

Here is the link :

Autosplitter contains start, reset, and segment detection

Use the layout in my github repository to have a perfect InGame TIME! I directly retrieve the time of each race to add it to the display and in the segments. (it was very complicated to develop for me)

Hoping that this script will be useful and that it may one day allow us to introduce gameplay on dolphin

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The autosplitter was added to livesplit directly! You can activate it from the application (see screenshot)

I added in the script a popup allowing to see the result of all its times in detail, on livesplit it is not possible to have the thousandths of a second, here you can see the result at the end of the run

Florida, USA

how would i go about getting the autosplitter to work? i have it activated through livesplit as it was added but it doesn't seem to be detecting dolphin

the autosplitter currently has only one problem, it requires a restart to find a good memory address, you have to restart the game until you have the timer starting automatically, if it works once it will work all the time until closing the game. to test if the autosplitter needs to restart go to the solo menu then return to the main menu, if the timer starts and resets it's good 👍 if it doesn't start restart the game (and /or dolphin) and retest until it works. There's a 1/2 chance the bug will happen, I'll try to fix it when I can

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He/Him, They/Them
5 months ago

is it ONLY for 32 tracks or if im doing something like unlocking a character % is there an <easy> way to modify the start/stop times?