Easily sum up your IGT and compare to average course times. (external link)
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CryZe107 and Wooferzfg
For real time. (external link)
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This was in a forum post but I decided to put it here. This save has been modified to disable the 'nocopy' flag, which means you can move it from your SD card to Wii memory WITHOUT homebrew. This save created with Ocarina codes, so I think the badges won't appear on the license select screen, but everything is still unlocked. DO NOT USE WIIMFI WITH THIS SAVE. Because this is a publicly available save, anyone going on line with it will have the same friend code. You will likely be kicked randomly while playing online. Installation: Extract the contents of the .zip archive to the root of your SD card. Insert the card into your Wii or Wii U and use the save manager tool to copy it over. You may have to delete your existing save data and/or run the game at least once before copying it over. (direct download)
Courses all set up for Nitro Tracks. (direct download)
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