"No Skip" Category Rules
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The original post found here. This is just a mirror/slight adaptation in case the link goes down again.

Here is a list of glitches/shortcuts that are not allowed for times being submitted as "No Skips". Certain things that are allowed are also mentioned.

For the images, red is the banned shortcuts. The green lines and curves are allowed shortcuts/paths.

  • No riding on walls/mountain
  • The 'Canyon Gap' that cuts the final turn is allowed, only if you don't ride the wall/mountain, clipping the wall is okay.


  • No clipping any boxes/creates to go through the factory walls.
  • Using the lake shortcut near the dozer area is allowed.


  • No clipping any trees to land on the track below.
  • Using the ramp by the Chain Chomp is allowed.


  • No going out of bounds (below the Mall, through the Mall's walls, the car parking lot, etc)
  • No using the shroomspot exit to skip the first U-turn


  • No hopping on/off any pipes or beams.
  • The right-turn gap after the bat cave is allowed, only if you do not contact any of the beams.
  • No using Lakitu to respawn you before the last turn to trigger a lap.


  • No falling off the track near the finish line to create an ultra shortcut


  • No going out of bounds/skipping checkpoints of any kind to make the No-Lap-Count SC after the Cannon
  • The U-turn gap (after the Wiggler area) is allowed.


  • No riding the rock by the start/finish line
  • No jumping on/off any rocks (Yes, this includes the 'Rock-Hop' SC)
  • No skipping across the lava next to the Rock Hop SC to force a Lakitu respawn glitch.


  • No using any halfpipes to jump to the upper section of track (right before the triple thwomps)


  • No jumping from the beginning of the downhill to the last ramp.
  • Using the gap right after the Figure-8 area is allowed.
  • The 'Moonjump' at the beginning is allowed.


  • No clipping of any trees to land onto the beach below.


  • No clipping of any walls/beams to skip portions of the track.


  • No clipping the start/finish pole to land in the water behind.
  • Bouncing off the wall to help aid in the shroomspot is allowed.


  • No clipping the bomb that lands a little past the start/finish line to land in the deep water to achieve a respawn glitch

(Dotted red line represents the path traveled from before to after the respawn by Lakitu) https://i.imgur.com/LbeTQ3S.png

  • No bouncing on top of the banner to land before the halfpipe section


  • No clipping the wall at the beginning to skip the lake.
  • Jumping on top of the wall to skip the lake is also considered a glitch.


  • No using ANY of the yellow ramps to skip the two straights (Yes, this includes the 'Non-Ultra SC')
  • You're still allowed to ride on the walls.


  • No clipping the tree to bounce off the start/finish line to land in the cave below.
  • No jumping up through the fence to skip the spiral before the Cannon (known as the 'Spiral SC/Cut')


  • No clipping the tree to bypass an invisible wall and landing before the final turn


  • No clipping through any fences to land in any area down below.
  • The chasm SC right before the final turn is allowed.


  • No clipping the starting pole to respawn after the final ramp.
  • No clipping the wall at the bridge (before the spiral) to fall into the lava to spawn up above.
  • Riding the walls is allowed.


[1] It's unlikely anyone can make any glitch on these tracks to save time. They're just here to match the original post. [2] The rSGB glitch is only viable for fast lap runs at the moment, but is here for consistency.

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This was very helpful!

United States

Nice work!


BC3: Missing regular cut line DKJP: Missing the ultra tree clip, also you can go over the fence without clipping through it by the current rule this would be allowed. Also the other pole clips/Rainbow road glitch is missing

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What about the other BC3 shortcut? I am assuming the same rules apply because the shortcut is unintentional (also, if you guys are looking for another moderator lmk)

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what about dksc/dks double and single?

Ohio, USA

they are not skips

New Hampshire, USA

Would SKIPS mean SHORTCUTS, or skipping most of the track?

Virginia, USA

Basically its any glitch shortcut that is not intended. For example, any shortcut that has you clipping through objects such as the spiral skip on Bowser's Castle Wii or both lava shortcuts on GBA Bowser Castle 3 are considered skips. Abusing the lap counter/abusing Lakitu such as the Grumble Volcano Lap Skip glitch or the Lakitu Abuse across the u-turn are also considered skips.

However, any intended off-road cuts or any cuts that doesn't have you clipping objects such as the Mushroom Gorge Gap Jump or the Toads Factory Lake Cut are not considered skips and are allowed in No Skips runs.

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Okay, thanks! =)

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What does the "ISOs are banned" clause mean? Does it ban specifically modded ISOs that give the runner an advantage, or does vanilla (unmodified) ISOs are also banned as well?

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It means use a disc. No USB or SD loading.

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I'm sorry for coming in on the conversation. Can you please elaborate on the ISOS are banned. I'm still not getting it.

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An ISO file is a rip of a disc image. If you're going to do a run, the game must be played on a physical disc and not a disc image of the game loaded from a USB drive or SD card.

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And the reason they are banned is because an ISO of the game can be edited to contain subtle cheats to give the runner an unfair advantage, and their load times are much faster compared to loading with a physical disc.

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For N64 Bowser Castle, is the jump onto the railing allowed on the last jump to go around that building allowed? Is that considered a skip?

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it's allowed

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Thanks. I also have another question. Is it okay if I use a WiiU instead of a wii, or does that not matter?

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Yes, WiiU is acceptable. Nearly half the runs done so far are on WiiU.