Updated video proof requirements (2018-03-26)
5 years ago
Madison, WI, USA

The previous time requirements (found here) lacked specific time requirements for the individual cup categories and the 100% category.

As a note, make sure you do not submit a Twitch past broadcast as video proof. They only last 14 days and may result in your run being removed from the leaderboard in the future. Twitch highlights are even known to be unreliable. I recommend you export or upload your run to YouTube and submit that as your video proof.

The New Video Requirements

  • 32 Track No Skips/No Items: 1:16:30

  • 32 Track No Skips/Balanced: 1:19:00

  • 32 Track No Skips/Strategic: 1:19:00

  • 32 Track Skips/No Items: 1:15:00

  • 32 Track Skips/Balanced: 1:17:00

  • 32 Track Skips/Strategic: 1:17:00

  • Nitro No Skips/No Items: 0:40:30

  • Nitro No Skips/Balanced: 0:40:30

  • Nitro No Skips/Strategic: 0:40:30

  • Nitro Skips/No Items: 0:38:00

  • Nitro Skips/Balanced: 0:38:00

  • Nitro Skips/Strategic: 0:38:00

  • Retro No Skips/No Items: 0:39:30

  • Retro No Skips/Balanced: 0:39:30

  • Retro No Skips/Strategic: 0:39:30

  • Retro Skips/No Items: 0:38:30

  • Retro Skips/Balanced: 0:38:30

  • Retro Skips/Strategic: 0:38:30

  • 100%: 8:00:00

  • Mushroom Skips/Balanced: 0:07:45

  • Mushroom Skips/No Items: 0:08:30

  • Mushroom Skips/Strategic: 0:07:45

  • Mushroom No Skips/Balanced: 0:08:30

  • Mushroom No Skips/No Items: 0:08:15

  • Mushroom No Skips/Strategic: 0:08:30

  • Flower Skips/Balanced: 0:08:15

  • Flower Skips/No Items: 0:08:00

  • Flower Skips/Strategic: 0:08:15

  • Flower No Skips/Balanced: 0:09:45

  • Flower No Skips/No Items: 0:09:30

  • Flower No Skips/Strategic: 0:09:45

  • Star Skips/Balanced: 0:09:30

  • Star Skips/No Items: 0:09:30

  • Star Skips/Strategic: 0:09:30

  • Star No Skips/Balanced: 0:10:45

  • Star No Skips/No Items: 0:10:30

  • Star No Skips/Strategic: 0:10:45

  • Special Skips/Balanced: 0:11:15

  • Special Skips/No Items: 0:11:00

  • Special Skips/Strategic: 0:11:15

  • Special No Skips/Balanced: 0:11:15

  • Special No Skips/No Items: 0:11:00

  • Special No Skips/Strategic: 0:11:15

  • Shell Skips/Balanced: 0:07:15

  • Shell Skips/No Items: 0:07:00

  • Shell Skips/Strategic: 0:07:15

  • Shell No Skips/Balanced: 0:07:15

  • Shell No Skips/No Items: 0:07:00

  • Shell No Skips/Strategic: 0:07:15

  • Banana Skips/Balanced: 0:10:30

  • Banana Skips/No Items: 0:10:15

  • Banana Skips/Strategic: 0:10:30

  • Banana No Skips/Balanced: 0:10:30

  • Banana No Skips/No Items: 0:10:15

  • Banana No Skips/Strategic: 0:10:30

  • Leaf Skips/Balanced: 0:10:30

  • Leaf Skips/No Items: 0:10:15

  • Leaf Skips/Strategic: 0:10:30

  • Leaf No Skips/Balanced: 0:10:45

  • Leaf No Skips/No Items: 0:10:30

  • Leaf No Skips/Strategic: 0:10:45

  • Lightning Skips/Balanced: 0:10:45

  • Lightning Skips/No Items: 0:10:30

  • Lightning Skips/Strategic: 0:10:45

  • Lightning No Skips/Balanced: 0:10:45

  • Lightning No Skips/No Items: 0:10:30

  • Lightning No Skips/Strategic: 0:10:45


These new requirements were discussed here. The 32/Retro/Nitro category requirements were not changed to reduce the number of runs removed. The new requirements were placed within 4% of WR on average, which is similar to the requirements for 32/Retro/Nitro.

Existing videoless runs with times faster than the time requirements will be rejected. No runs will be grandfathered in. A list of the deleted runs can be found in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OPyhCVOJbQReUIkoTxMgs3Oqg_L6iZmKMK4upmyUAL8/edit#gid=860669351 109 runs were rejected in total.

It is still possible to get videoless WR in some categories, but only because the category's WR is undeveloped. The video requirements can be changed to be stricter in the future if necessary.

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Rhode Island, USA

*Existing videoless runs with times faster than the time requirements will be rejected. No runs will be grandfathered in. *

Pretty horrible idea. Also, before, top 3 runs didn't need videos. Then the requirment for videos was added. The ones without videos still stayed/grandfathered. If you grandfathered those, grandfather these.

And don't "un-grandfather" the old ones now. They made a decision and finalised it. Don't be a power hungry guy changing everything, even well-worked out past decisions from previous staff.

Could you either supply all new players with capture cards - or put a giant label:

"$200+ /ADDITIONAL/ DOLLARS REQUIRED TO PLAY THIS GAME ON SPEEDRUN.COM [in addition to what you spend on the game, controller, and wii, and internet connection (not included)" on the site?

Please? so it doesn't look too good to be true at a glance?

Btw, All my hard work and grinding for good item slots, etc, in-game has been undone. All motivation is gone, and I cannot record long videos. Thanks.

And thanks for being inconsistent with past policies that worked.

Has this section of speedrun ever functioned correctly?

I feel it's more a mod team flaw. Get more mods, none are active. Cause right now it's like "we have an occasional trickle of cheaters every blue moon, guess we'd better fuck up the sitestead of appointing new mods, because this trickle is overwhelming for the 1 person who does stuff"

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Rhode Island, USA

It is still possible to get videoless WR in some categories,

what ones.



You removed half of the top 10 in 32 track main category because of a twitch glitch※? you can't be serious


※ (including WR holder dane who is verified AF in every possible way in every sector of the mario kart wii communitiy, including ctgp verified for nearly a full decade and even HAD a video that several mods had to have seen?!?!?)

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Dude, the rules are the rules. This is an official rule change that is probably for the best. Complaining about it isn’t going to do anyone any good. Plus, if you don’t have any way to record, you can livestream on Twitch, export the video to YouTube, then use that as your submission video. Easy as cake.

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Don't think I wasn't uneasy rejecting these runs with removed videos. It was a tough decision, which is why I listed all 109 rejected runs in the spreadsheet. I wanted to be able to reinstate any runs easily if video resurfaced, or another compelling reason arose.

There were 2 reasons I decided to reject runs verified runs with deleted videos:

  1. The IGT transition will require a team to view every videoed run. We can estimate IGT without video, but there is a margin of error, especially when it comes to 32 track runs. I feel that every run within the video requirement should have a 100% accurate IGT, and that's not possible without a video.
  2. Many stories have come up recently about privately verified high score runs being fake (obviously Todd Rogers). Public and lasting proof of a run is important as it allows for anyone at any time to independently verify a run (such as I did for all the individual cup runs). When I see a run was verified by X moderator, I don't know what standards they held the run to, if the video ever existed, or if it was cheated and the moderator didn't catch it. Also, I do feel it's the responsibility of a runner to maintain the availability of their run's video. If they don't care to have their video deleted from YouTube, they probably don't care if the run is removed from the leaderboard. tl;dr no vid, no did

If my data is up-to-date, the categories where videoless WR is possible currently are: Retro Skips/Strategic Flower Skips/No Items Star No Skips/Balanced Special Skips/No Items Leaf Skips/Strategic

These categories are pretty undeveloped and should be a moderately easy WR snag for the right player.

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Rhode Island, USA

Wait we go y IGT now for all categories? How would I calculate it?

New Hampshire, USA

Rhodechill, if the old or "Grandfathered" runs without videos stayed on the leaderboards and were quicker than the required time for video proof, it would be completely unfair for those who are new for speedrunning MKWII and don't record a run they did that has a time better than the required time. It doesn't matter if the runs were submitted 15 years ago and are still alive, it has to be fair for everyone.

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New Hampshire, USA

DiamondcrafterA, if people couldn't record a simple video of themselves playing the game, then how would they be able to livestream on Twitch? Livestreaming contains more requirements than recording a video that's not live.

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New Hampshire, USA

charlocharlie, yes indeed. After reading your latest comment on this forum, I decided to look up Todd Rodgers.

Some of the names were: Todd_Rodgers Todd_Rodgers_Real Todd_Rogers todd_rogers1400

And here are some ones I am unsure to confirm of: todd_rodgers_2.0 Todd_Rogers_KoVG

Now you may be wondering, "How do you know which one are actually Todd Rodgers' accounts? First off, I looked under the username and most of the time it would say "Florida, USA". (Which I heard is where he lives.) And if the profile did not say where he was from, I would click "Info", and see when the account was created. Most of the time, it said "2 Months Ago". If any didn't say either, I didn't want to assume that it was his profile. Most likely, it would be.

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Texas, USA

It's easy to make a joke account and set the region differently.

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Florida, USA

Who would do such a thing?

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