FAQs and updated rules
4 years ago
Madison, WI, USA

Updated rules are being implemented starting today. This is mostly to clear up any ambiguity that existed in the rules. The biggest changes are: • Team mode is not allowed • Mirror mode can be played an alternative to 150cc (they share the same leaderboard)

##FAQs My disc drive broke/I lost my disc/I don't own the game, are ISO/USB/SD card loaders allowed? No. The load times are faster than disc. ISO loaders may be allowed after the switch to IGT, but that is to be discussed after the switch.

Is emulator allowed? No. The load times are faster than disc. Emulator may be allowed after the switch to IGT, but that is to be discussed after the switch.

Are splits required? No. Only video is required when faster than the video requirement time.

What are the item category equivalents in PAL English? Recommended = Balanced; Basic = Strategic

If you use different language, use the order in this screenshot to find the correct item setting for your language: https://i.imgur.com/GVgtzGD.png

When will the leaderboards switch to in-game time? When all the video recorded runs' in-game time are logged. There are currently less than 100 32-track runs left.

Can I submit the beginning of my 32 Track run as a Nitro track run? Yes! As long as the run starts from the course select screen, you can submit any sub-segment of a run. Example: A 32 Track run started on Luigi's Circuit also contains a valid Nitro Tracks and Mushroom Cup run within it.

Feel free to ask any new questions in this thread.

Here are the rules for easy reference:

##Category Rules/Timing • Complete all 4/16/32 tracks in any order. • RTA timing begins when "OK" is selected from the course selection screen. • RTA timing ends on when you hit the finish line of the last course. • In-game time is calculated by summing each course's time as displayed on the in-game timer after crossing the finish line. Use this tool to calculate IGT easily. • RTA time is required in your submission (don't include milliseconds with RTA). In-game time is appreciated (milliseconds is required).

##Platform Rules • Wii and WiiU loaded from a game disc are allowed. • Emulator (Dolphin) is banned. • SD card/USB ISO loaders are banned. • CTGP is allowed with these settings. (GameCube controller patch on WiiU is banned) • No Ocarina/Gecko/Action Replay codes (obviously).

##Video Requirements • Video proof is required if your RTA time is equal to or faster than specified here. • Your in-game timer should be in frame and readable

##FAQs Learn and ask new questions about the rules in this thread.

##Skip/No Skip Rules • Skips are/are not allowed • List of skips found here

##In-game settings • VS Mode • Solo Mode • Class: 150cc/Mirror • CPU: Hard • Items: Balanced/Strategic/None

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Wisconsin, USA

Sorry if this is the wrong place but can a video for proof be done without a cap card as long as the game is clearly visible the whole time?

Madison, WI, USA

@Peyton773 Yep! I like to see the full game in focus, and the in-game timer in frame.

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North Brabant, Netherlands

If you do a 32 track run and start on LC, Can you also submit it as retro tracks?

Madison, WI, USA

@Schipjee No, because a retro tracks run must start on rPB.

Staffordshire, England
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Does your RTA tier need to be in the video at all times or at all?

European Union

A timer on screen is not required, only the in game timer is (if you want to submit with IGT).


Hey, quick question, I'am new to MKWII, so I wanted clear some doubts I have. I litterally just finished reading the forum posts, and from what I saw, you guys have switched to IGT, so, is USB Loaders allowed, or you guys are still working on it?

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