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This is a list of Time Trial leaderboards/links/resources that I have compiled. If you would like to contribute anything, feel free to reply to this thread.

  • The Rules These are the most generally agreed upon rules for Time Trials competition. They are not universal however as some people may want to track times under their own ruleset (such as certain leaderboards allowing pause buffering).
  • The Mario Kart Wii Players Page The original leaderboards for the Time Trials, going back to 2008. The site also contains leaderboards for each mainline Mario Kart.
  • MKLeaderboards Worldwide/Continental/Regional top 10s. MKLeaderboards does not require the player who set the run to submit, as all legit runs are displayed, so this is much more accurate than the PP.
  • Flap Top 10s Worldwide and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) fast lap top 10s.
  • MKWii Leaderboards A list I have compiled of many of the time trial leaderboards out there. The reason I did not simply put them here is because there are just too many.
  • Cyberscore Similar to the Players' Page, but on Cyberscore. Significantly less active though, although it also has some full game categories.
  • Video Games Records No that's not a typo, the sites name is just weird. Basically the same as Cyberscore and the PP but does not contain non-shortcut categories.
  • Twin Galaxies Non-shortcut only leaderboards. Super inaccurate and not to be taken seriously, but it's here for completions sake.
  • Chadsoft I am putting this at the bottom because while it is technically a leaderboard, that is not it's primary focus. It's main focus is to be a ghost database. This is where you're going to go to find ghosts for everyone's time trials for both 150cc and 200cc on regular and custom tracks, as this is where CTGP uploads its ghosts. While it is more accurate than some other sites I've listed here, there are many duplicate players.
  • Ninrankings Exact same deal as Chadsoft, except this is what was used before we had CTGP. As it is pre-CTGP there are also many hacked times on here. If for whatever reason the link doesn't work, there is https://maschell.de/ as an alternative.
  • MKWRS The WR history site for MKWii Time Trials. Features history for 3lap only, but includes alternate categories and pause buffered times. It also includes a list of pending/banned records and has a variety of fun statistics.
  • Flap WR History A spreadsheet tracking the WR history for Flaps.
  • OR History [dead link for now, waiting for one that doesnt give edit perms] A spreadsheet tracking the history of Oceanic records.
  • Best Known Splits/Paces This is a spreadsheet containing the best known splits (individual laps) for each track and it's relevant categories, as well as for different strategies. It also includes the best known paces (2 consecutive laps).
  • Flap Entry Times This is a spreadsheet of timings for when you should enter lap 2 on each track to complete your flap with optimal cycles.
  • CTGP Records A YouTube channel that uploads the majority of world records for both regular and custom tracks.
  • CTGP Alternative Records Similar to CTGP Records, but for top 10s, shroomless times, and other such runs.
  • MKWii Archives Similar to CTGP Alternative Records, but also contains regional top 10 times and many old WRs.
  • Mindscarp Old school WR recorder (Pre-2011).
  • WR Playlist A YouTube playlist of all the current Time Trial world records.
  • NMeade A YouTuber that uploads lots of TT related content such as monthly WR recaps, track tutorials, etc.
  • Arcintel A YouTuber with multiple tutorial videos covering techniques such as softdrifting and spindrifting. Pretty useful for beginners. Make sure to check his playlists.
  • TT Rec A website by WhatIsLoaf with all the tools and information you will ever need to begin recording Time Trial runs on either Console or Emulator.
  • MKW TT Rec Scripts My collection of shell scripts (These work on Mac/Linux, not Windows) to automate the recording of TTs.
  • CTGP Install Guide The official instruction guide to installing CTGP, which is the gold standard for proof in modern TTs.
  • The MKW Dictionary An extensive list of all sorts of acronyms, abbreviations, and other MKWii jargon.
  • TAS Records The website for MKWii TASs. It contains a complete list of all current TAS records, TASers, and has links to other things such as their discord server.
  • Hunters rDKJP Glitch Alignment Ghost The alignment ghost that almost everyone can be seen using when playing the glitch category of N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
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