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I submitted 4 runs last month (Any% SSG Pre1.9). 1 of them was rejected, but the rests haven't verified yet. I hope you guys (moderators) will verify my runs soon.


why do you have 3 runs in the same category

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they probably rejected it because you didn't follow the official rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7NtP7LegD7SYjho54gQDSlJkYZlofndjw2COu00yMU/edit


@Eimerplayz127Eimerplayz127 that’s not the problem

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that verification takes so long;
the oldest unverified run was submitted mid July
all unverified runs are 430h long together

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@Eimerplayz127Eimerplayz127 They still have been awaiting, I checked them. And I FOLLOWED the rules in the last 3 runs.


@LeafpoolSRLeafpoolSR Because I submitted them fast (4 runs in 3 days) so moderators haven't been able to verify them yet.


plus you would delete your obsolete runs


I went 3 months and 1 day before my FSG PB was verified, and it was a top 20 run.
Just be patient, also it makes no difference if it's verified or not, just consider it your pb regardless.

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i waited 4

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@GoldEndPickGoldEndPick to be sure, you can check why it got rejected in the rejection description
but wait wait wait so you submitted 4 runs, and just got 1 of them rejected and the other ones completly ignored?
i also got a run rejected to the day because of missing seed and then had to wait more than 1 month for it (indeed wasnt that bad back then but still)

so like, mods checks the runs wanting to automaticaly reject the bad ones, but dont verificate anyone?
seriously what is the point of this anymore lmao


@LeafpoolSRLeafpoolSR thank you for your advice, I only keep my latest PB left


I have a catex run (obtain cake) that has been pending verification for almost 4 months 🙁