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Calculator Poll Closing Soon

As the votes are starting to die down, the aforementioned Calculator Poll will be closing at 6:00am, the 28th of November UTC. You will be unable to vote after this.

For more information on how to vote, refer back to the original Calculator Poll post.

Calculator Poll

For any runners who aren't yet aware, we are taking a community poll on the future of calculators in Minecraft: Java Edition speedrunning. Originally posted in the Minecraft Java Speedrunning Discord and the Minecraft Speedrunning Official Twitter on 17/11/2021.

As stated in the poll description, this isn't a necessarily binding poll, nor will these necessarily be the only options considered in the final deliberation. These are the current thoughts and ideas we want community input on.

Please read the questions carefully (specifically those relating to run submission and anything used for demographic purposes). Only put an SRC link in the run submission section and use the correct time format (HH:MM:SS.XXX). Your run is only required to be submitted, pending runs are fine. If you don't have a sumbitted run, DO NOT fill out the poll. Failure to follow these instructions may result in your vote not counting in the final poll.

Calculator Poll

Comments Disabled

Comments have been disabled on the following boards:

- Minecraft: Java Edition (mc)
- Minecraft: Java Edition Category Extensions (mcce)

5 Minute Rule

Removed the following rule:
"All runs must be begun within 5 minutes of world generation"

Runs with long pauses will now be judged by verification team discretion. As long as the runner does not have any significant periods of inactivity and the run is otherwise okay, there is no strict hard line.

Glitches and Exploits

This is a PSA to remind runners that if a glitch or exploit is not explicitly allowed in a glitchless category, treat it as banned. If you are using glitches that haven't been explicitly allowed, as per the rules on, you are doing so at risk of your run being rejected. Yes, this is about slime spectating.