Form for requesting custom map / server leaderboards
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Can I explain in more detail why this is? Without context, I do not understand

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Portland, OR, USA

You use it to request leaderboards to be made, like the ones at and

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3rd ;D

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Pennsylvania, USA

Hey AprilSR I was wondering if I could be a moderator for minecraft speed runs because I saw in the world record right now that he changed the difficulty from normal to easy which in the rules it says that is not allowed

United States


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It is allowed and also lock this thread

Basque Country

@shadow_hunter ye like the link is to purpose there the new map leaderboard thats the point

@Tutterey you dont help thanks

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Can someone make a leaderboard for the "Cover me in debris" acheavement on a set seed?? (Also known as full netherite run)

The seed is: 3168991511258463298

there are a bunch of runs on YT but i cannot seem to find any leaderboards for them (if this is not the place to ask please do tell me, as i am new to this whole thing)

Thanks :)

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