New and Obsolete Mods
New and Obsolete Mods
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Updated Mod Rules:

• Fixed a crash when using Atum hotkey in 1.18.1-1.20.4 and brought back some missing colons for versions 1.16.1-1.17.1 and fixed resetting on preview not working on 1.16.1 and being unable to change the seed in 1.13.2.

• A fix for state output, which had an incompatibility with 1.17.1-1.18.1, as well as reverting a change to file writing for all versions, and fixed the inworld state being set too early in 1.18.2+.

• Rebuilt some Legacy MotioNO jars as they generated without some important contents.

• Fixed SleepBackground compatibility for versions 1.16.2-1.18.1 and 1.19-1.19.4.

• Added some missing SpeedrunIGT jars for versions 1.18.1, 1.19.1, 1.19.3, 1.20.3, and 1.20.4.

• Fixed Java 8 compatibility for all AntiResourceReload, ExtraOptions, and Set-Spawn versions pre-1.17.

• Fixed some /datapack list stuff for AntiResourceReload in 1.14-1.15.2.

• Changed ExtraOptions to no longer affect underwater FOV changes.

• Fixed FastReset Save & Quit button replacement option not working correctly in 1.19.2.

The following mods & mod versions are being made illegal. These changes have a grace period of 30 days until they will go into effect at 22 March 2024 00:00 UTC.

• Sodium versions for 1.15.2 before 1.1.1 will be banned.

• AntiResourceReload versions for 1.14-1.15.2 before 4.0.1 will be banned.

• For those who are permitted to use the mod, ExtraOptions versions before 1.0.1 will be banned.

• ServerSideRNG will be banned.

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StandardSettings & AntiResourceReload

Updated Legal Mods:

• AntiResourceReload 4.0.2 for 1.14-1.15.2 is now allowed, which fixes a crash when loading the mod outside of a development environment.

• StandardSettings 1.2.3 for 1.14-1.19.2 is now allowed. This update adds an f3PauseOnWorldLoad option that, when enabled and pauseO

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