Minecraft Speedrunning Questions Thread
8 years ago
Washington, USA

If you have any questions about Minecraft speedrunning, please ask them below!

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2 questions.

  1. How do you get an in-game timer? The next category I want to run is any% random seed, but I can't find a way to get an in-game timer. I have OBS and livesplit, but can't get it with either of them.

  2. Is there anyway you can suggest new levles? There are many things that you can Speedrun in MC, and so many that could be interesting to have a community race against each other. Is the reason that you can't suggest levels because it would get very overcrowded?

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Portland, OR, USA
  1. The IGT is http://bombch.us/lqG for 1.6 or earlier or http://bombch.us/vby for 1.7 or later.

  2. You could probably suggest them on the forums, and just run them. If they become a large enough category, we will add them.

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Alberta, Canada

The timer would start as soon as you start breaking the block

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Michigan, USA

Anyone come up with multiplayer catergories?

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Virginia, USA

Is F3 allowed during the run? This might be a dumb question, but I haven't seen any runs using it, so I just want to make sure.

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Alberta, Canada

@PikminWarrior F3 is allowed, although some people don't use it.

@sickmind33 All runs are singleplayer on the leaderboards, but we might make multiplayer categories if there is enough interest.

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Ontario, Canada

I would be interested in a multiplayer catagory :D

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United States

How does the http://bombch.us/vby timer work? It just takes me to a website with a m in the middle of 2 circles. How do i get the timer to be in-game?

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in mc, when u generate up a world, sometime u spawn in water. in theory, I can stand still to kill my self. but does the timing start when I click respawn, or I can click respawn then stand still with the timing not yet starts sorry my English sucks

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Mississippi, USA

i got the minecraft livesplit timer working but its only for 1.6.4 and i want to speedrun 1.8.x but when i try to go to the link http://bombch.us/vby it just says that the file is no longer available plis help me

Oregon, USA

For vanilla speed runs, is Optifine an acceptable mod? I'm asking because my computer is too slow to play without it.

You are allowed to have optifine installed, but you can not use the zoom in feature. The only reason you would have it would be to reduce loadtimes/fps. You are not allowed to USE the actual mod.

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Are we allowed to modify the options.txt file in the Minecraft folder? I like changing the gamma value to make the game brighter, but I don't know if that counts as a cheat or if it's flat-out banned.

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Alberta, Canada

You are allowed to modify it but don't make it super bright, at least make it so you its obvious which places are suppose to be dark

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Overijssel, Netherlands

I will be interested in multiplayer catagory

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United States

Me too

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stupid question but what is the seed for any% set seed glitchless

Alberta, Canada

late response but it is -2063810908146531904 and you must be on 1.6 for it to work

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Wondering about the Mine Diamond random seed/set seed speedruns. This are the rules : "Set seeds are not allowed. Glitches (e.g. duping items) are allowed.

Cannot be played on peaceful difficulty. Timing starts on first input and ends when there's at least 1 diamond from a diamond ore in the inventory. Generate structures must be OFF.

Submit all runs to the non-glitchless category."

But some/most of those runners have structures ON. So, ignoring the generate structure setting, removing the runs from leaderboard or it can be on but the run does not count if it is effected by structures ?

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